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Also on:PS3, PS2, Wii
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GF Rating

Really Bad

to difficult

posted by deathkiss1013 (MOUNT WOLF, PA) Oct 17, 2014

Member since Aug 2013

My children after a day gave up when no one could bwat first boss level.

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GF Rating


was fun once in awhile

posted by fuu92 (SISSETON, SD) Mar 27, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

this game was fun sometimes for me but anger inducing most of the time i just felt like it was VERY unforgiving when you made just one tiny slip up lives gone or rings lost the homing attack was horrible i almost always blasted off a cliff instead of attacking i thought oh its targeted an enemy i should be safe to use it but NOPE down i went losing lives left and right but i actually thought the werehog levels were fun well except the ice one but ice is my worst enemy in any game anyways what really did it for me was the fact that i had 50 lives going in to one of the LONGEST levels in the game and lost everyone of them and had to start over and it was because of the stupid button pressing sequences i don't do good under pressure so i pressed the wrong buttons almost every time and i think it was cruel that they made you do them in certain levels or you die! i almost had the game beat but i tripped at the finish line and i just don't wanna start over it took forever to get 50 lives and it sucks because i LOVED the story and i'm not trying to steer anyone away from it i think you should probably try it for yourself but if your anything like me you might not like it oh and one more thing before i end this be ready to get blindsided a lot because things will just pop out from nowhere and they expect you to react to them really quick weather its an enemy or an obstacle you'll find yourself losing rings and dying a lot anyways i hope this helps and again just because i didn't like it doesn't mean you won't so test it out if your feeling brave or just love sonic games but one last thing if your new to sonic games don't try this one first

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GF Rating


a underrated game because of the werehog

posted by rezard (STROUDSBURG, PA) Nov 17, 2013

Member since Jul 2013

this game is nothing like the other games but I like new stuff more then the old if the gameplay was better the older games, this take the cake. everyone say that the warehog stages are the worst thing about the game. let me say THAT IS FALSE AS A HOAX! I enjoy playing the werehog stages aka the night time stages the day time stages are fast as heck sonic is very fast in the game and he still have some of his plat forming but sonic is very fast. this game have a lot of replay ability that want you to play it more you can also level up sonic and his werehog from that I wish the werehog return for a come back and hopefully funs of sonic unleashed fans will support me in this and I hope you will enjoy this game.

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