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Very Good

Critics need to actually play the game...

posted by Kuchiri (EFFINGHAM, IL) Dec 29, 2008

Member since Dec 2008

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You may be asking you a few questions.

1. Is this better than Sonic '06?

2. Is the Warehog as moronic as he looks?

3. Should I rent this?

This game is definitely better than the other Sonic game on the 360. They seriously took some time into making something that felt sort of like Sonic Adventure with a little bit of the old Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog.

You have a world map that is very small and not hard to get lost in. You have the Earth which will link you to different countries on different continents. Then in a Country you have a small area where you can buy things of the sort and talk to people of that country.

Then you have the 'ACT's

If the time of day is during the morning you play as the normal Sonic the Hedgehog as you blast through levels that are a mix of what you saw in 'Sonic and the Secret Rings' however it isn't played as a rail mission like Secret Rings. You have the new 'boost' option that is like the spin dash on steroids. Makes the levels more enjoyable, even when it gets into the classic 2D segments. If the game was just purely the day levels it might have gotten a 10 in some places.

If the time is night you play as Soinc the Werehog in a pretty generic God of War ripoff. Now the combos and all of that sort is pretty good and neat. However Werehog is quite slow while walking and when he is running he can't do much else. Plus the levels tend to be quite long at points and with too many platforming elements that tend to be very frustrating. I think if they would have just focused more on the mindless destruction element it would have gotten a better score.

Boss Fights are amazing. Except for the Egg Cauldron that you are forced to fight in the Plane missions every boss fight is very enjoyable and are fun to fight more than once.

This game definitely deserves a RENT if you are looking for something that is a hybrid of Old and New School

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GF Rating


Almost perfect

posted by Shenaiganz (ORLANDO, FL) Dec 5, 2008

Member since Sep 2008

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I've been a fan since I was a kid. Like lot of you folks I hated the 2006 game. But Sonic Team came back and bring some 2D fun with a bit of somewhat ok 3D action. The Werehog part I find it kinda lame, but during the day missions is fun I think it's a huge improvement over from 2006. Sonic fans most likely not be disappointed.

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A step in the right direction

posted by MrStamos (ATHENS, GA) Jan 16, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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Sonic Unleashed presents itself much the same as its predecessors - full of fast action gameplay, short cutscenes, and a ridiculously bad plot.
However, considering that the sonic team has failed gamers with their past output, (Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog [360], and Sonic Heroes, to name a few) Sonic Unleashed is a welcome change. For the first time in a long time, the protagonist is Sonic and Sonic alone. There's no switching between the other anthromorphic tag-alongs which helps maintain a sense of good solid continuity. However, sonic team can't seem to let go of the switch out system entirely as Sonic transforms into a musclebound beast at night, creating two distinctly separate styles of play. The original, being speed based, is the better. No surprise there. Sonic now moves at a speed previously unattained, rocketing through the levels and leaving the scenery just a blur. While this might seem irritating or inconvenient, it becomes rather the opposite, providing for a relatively thrilling and satisfying feeling. It's how Sonic was meant to be played. In addition, this feature is paired with frequent switches between the 3D run-in-all-directions approach and the classic 2D move-in-a-straight-line style. Again, a feature which might sound unappetizing but upon experiencing it, the sensation is really quite enjoyable. Sonic's alter ego however does not quite make the cut. The levels revolving around the night time romps focus heavily on button mashing and simply fighting your way through hordes of enemies while occasionally stopping to climb some tedious wall or other obstacle. The experience leaves you feeling somewhat irritated and simply wishing to get through said levels so as to return to the speedy ones as normal sonic. The track list remains traditionally unspectacular in 3D sonic games as does the plot and NPC interaction. The focus is simply playing the game. In that sense, it's a worthwhile try, though, definitely NOT a buy. Give it a shot.

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