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GF Rating

Very Good

Not so bad, if you can't do normal Sonic

posted by BlackDove58 (LONG BEACH, CA) Mar 23, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

Speaking here as a non-typical sonic game player I have to say: I don't get why everyone hates on this game. The story is cute in the same way that any Sonic story is. I mean IT'S SONIC! This is meant for kids. It's not exactly going to be Final Fantasy or God of War content here. Also if you're looking for a Sonic game that works like all the others LEAVE NOW. Because unlike say Mario, the SEGA team likes to try new things and this is them trying it. As a result, part of it feels like a Zelda game in that you're beating up bad guys and solving puzzles that involve blocks to get into the center of temples to save the day. The other part is classic sonic. The only complaint I have is that they should have had is better camera controls for the werehog levels because otherwise you're doing a number of blind jumps due to the sucky camera angle. I mean at least a first person option so you can look around was in order I think. But really other than that I think this is fun. If you've been afraid to try the sonic series due to all that crazy speed making it impossible to understand the levels and actually get through this is a great game to jump into the sonic world with. If you're a die hard classic sonic fan. Shut up we know it isn't the same. Let the rest of us enjoy it already.

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GF Rating

Very Good

I'm putting my foot down! This game is good

posted by edsupersaiyan (WINTER PARK, FL) Feb 8, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

hello everyone, edsupersaiyan here for my first game review. And what better game to start with than by far the most underrated game in the sonic library. It would seem that fans have officially lost all hope in sega, what with their "stupid games" and "lousy bullcrap ideas" on how to make sonic more enjoyable. And this game no doubt had alot to do with this new cosensus that all sonic games are "junk"

but anyone looking to buy this game, dont listen to the so-called fans. This is a good game

first off, lets start with

what worked:

the nighttime stages: flame shields up! Thats right, people, I like the night stages. And not just like, I LOVE THEM! For me, their a perfect chance for a breather after the CRAZINESS that are the daytime stages. Many people call this a god of war ripoff....and their mostly pretty much right. But is that a bad thing? No! So for all you people who hate the nighttime stages, but because you played them yourself, all the power to ya if you dont like them. But for all you innovation hating fanbrats out there, just give this game a chance and come back to me then.

the daytime stages: in this game, there is no form of doubt in your mind that sonic is the fastest thing alive! These levels are CRAZY! But in a good way, I admit it can get a bit too crazy on this port so if you want the crazy tuned down just a hair, go for the PS2 version.

the upgrade screen: Thank the lord for this part, otherwise the nighttime stages wouldve been SO BORING! You can upgrade your moves, your strength, your life etc. and the daytime stages are no exception either, you can actually make sonic faster!

nuff said

alright, lets look at

what didnt work:

the overworld: I'm sorry, but when you can DIE in the overworld, which has NO enemies in the daytime. Thats a major flaw

the camera: This camera does whatever it wants, I cant say much more because of the word count, sorry :/

all in all, this game is defiantely worth your time, 8/10 che

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GF Rating

Very Good

Great Sonic Game!

posted by Mrsonicisawsome (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Oct 6, 2012

Member since Aug 2012

This game probably has the most story and character development out of any Sonic The Hedgehog game! The gameplay is fantastic with mixing Regular sonic levels where you blast through each stage with the fastest thing alive and the werehog where you take on a God Of War type beat um up style of gameplay where you are just mowing down enemy after enemy with you vast assortment of moves and combos. Overall 8/10.

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