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Unleash The Beast

posted by kidhero99 (LAUDERDALE LAKES, FL) Feb 19, 2009

Member since Nov 2008

As said before, the daytime stages are only half of what Unleashed has to offer. I won't spoil the storyline for those of you who may care, but at night you become the "Werehog" and obtain a surprisingly deep new combat system. The Werehog has furry arms with claws that stretch like Mr. Fantastic for some unexplained reason, and he moves at a crawling pace. The game then turns into a hack 'n slash style game very reminiscent of God of War's gameplay, even weaving together the same kinds of combos you'd expect to pull off with Kratos. Being a huge God of War fan, I for one enjoyed these areas of the game with much enthuse. Many people have complained that Sonic moves far too slow and clunky as the Werehog which in turn takes away from the overall pacing of the game. There are also some platforming elements sort of similar to God of War or even Prince of Persia, where you shimmy across ledges, climb columns, and swing from poles. Several people have already criticized these parts of the Werehog levels as well, saying it was too unforgiving and became frustrating as you die so many times. First off, I think people who complain about games being too challenging are weak and just can't handle the difficulty. Second, you can't just keep repeating the same formula for a Sonic game after dozens of different incarnations. Sega needed to take the franchise in a fresh, new direction, and I truly think they have succeeded with Unleashed.

I do think many critics have an unfair prejudice against Sonic games now because of previous failed attempts to bring the platformer into the 3rd dimension. So please give this game a chance. It brings more of the traditional Sonic but improved. If you like God of War, which is a game that most gamers have enjoyed by now, then you should at least be somewhat thrilled by what Unleashed has to offer with the Werehog. If you don't like God of War, then you should be hung for treason. Hail ZEUS!

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posted by kogent (MILFORD, NH) Feb 15, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

this game was amazing. stunning graphics that render sonic and his environment perfectly with a cartoony air to it, the gameplay was awsome, day levels have you blasting through enemies and scenery at breakneck speeds, while the night levels take on a slower pace. (think God Of War for kids) the story is alright, not too deep while not being too shallow, though you will want to strangle Chip, the annoying pink puffball following you around, adding in comments even a five year old would hate. if you can swallow your your hate for Chip, and ignore the fact that the past few sonic games have been flops, then you will probably fall in love with the blue blur all over again.

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Its ok....

posted by drwoogie (OPELOUSAS, LA) Jan 17, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

This is an ok game if you are a fan for trophies...however this sonic game suffers from a horrible camera system and over sensitive controls at times. This is to me by far the best sonic game to date. There are some level flaws that cause you to do the same thing over....and over....and over...and yep you guessed it over to get the trophy you need. This is a great buy for no more than $25 bucks and or is worth a rental for a few weeks for sure. It will take 20-25 hours to get the platinum. Not to bad considering whats out on the market now. ( WARHAWK OMG! )

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