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amazing gameplay ... for a third of it

posted by thinkbomb (KAYSVILLE, UT) Oct 1, 2009

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story = the stink. it's downright awful, slow, unskippable, and too much of it

night time modes (Werehog) - plays like a poorman's God of War, though it is somewhat amusing, not totally bad. It's decent, you won't be cringing every second of it like you will the story

graphics = actually really good, though all the shaders they have in it sometimes eats away at the frame rate when you need it most.

daytime modes (classic sonic) = ultimately amazingly awesome! this is the best part of the game and makes me wonder why they included the rest of the stuff. It seriously brings a smile to my face playing these parts.

So yeah, recommendation is entirely dependent on how much you want to play great oldschool sonic, and if you're willing to put up with the rest of the subpar game.

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Okay game, try it first.

posted by gamer301 (CLAYTON, NY) Dec 14, 2008

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I rented this game and it is pretty good. At first when I saw the opening cinematic, I thought the graphics were incredible, but then I played the game when it wasn't a cinematic, they kinda stunk. Don't take it the wrong way, this game is fun, but you might wanna try it first.
The day levels are really fun, but the night ones are a whole lot harder and not as exciting.
The voice acting is pathetic and it is hard to listen to it. At the same time, the only reason you will listen to the talking, is because 1: You can not skip the videos, 2: You will listen to it because you want to play the game.

Pros: Day levels are a blast, impressive explosions, Sonic the WereHog looks cool, controls are pretty simple cinematic graphics are cool.

Cons: Playing graphics are not good, voice acting is unbearable, night levels can be annoying, some characters are annoying, and the WereHog walks so slow!

This game is decent, I recommend that you try it. Sonic is back, but he still has some kinks in his games that need to be worked out.

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this is NOT a bad game

posted by Sonic211 (CONROE, TX) Mar 16, 2011

Member since Jan 2011

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

Would everyone STOP saying this is a bad game? Because its NOT! Sonic Unleashed is the freaking best Sonic game EVER. Gamespot, IGN, and Gamespy, you need to shut your piehole up, because you don't know a good game when you SEE IT! This game deserves a 9, so I'm givin it to SEGA.

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