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How to beat the final Boss

The first two times the final boss rams into the wall on Final Zone, Unknown, it does not do anything to you. The third time, you must hit the Boss or the wall will snap in half and you will fall, lose all of your rings, and die.

Damage and rings

When you get hit by an enemy, your rings will fly everywhere as with all Sonic games. However, the more you get hit, the farther and higher your rings will fly, thus making them harder to retrieve. This normally pertains to Boss battles, but is also in effect in Zones.

Finding the Chaos Emeralds

In order to find the Chaos Emeralds in either Act 1 or 2 of a zone. find the spinning object that has a star in its center. Jump onto it and press Y to start spinning fast. Keep holding it and you will get sucked into a hole and reach the special stage to get the emerald. REMEMBER: You will have to collect rings, and then it doubles of how much you need.

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