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Sonic Rush Adventure


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Gameplay Controls

Sonic Rush Adventure
Control Pad
Move Around Map
L Button
Zoom Out
R Button
Zoom In
Slide to Move Around Map
Draw Sail Route
Touch Destination Icon and Slide
Zoom Out
Touch L Button Icon
Zoom In
Touch R Button Icon
Confirm Sail Route
Touch O Button
Exit Map Screen. Redraw Sail Route.
Touch Return Icon in Bottom Left Section of Screen or Touch X Button
Control Pad
Left/Right = Walk (Keep Holding to Gain Speed). Break Dash (Quickly Press in Opposite Direction). Up/Down = Scroll Screen
A Button
Spin Jump. Axel Jump (Blaze Only). Just Trick (Press as You Take Off from a Ramp or Rail).
B Button
Spin Jump. Axel Jump (Blaze Only).
Y Button
Super Boost. Fire Boost (Blaze Only)
L Button
Boost Waterbike
R Button
Boost Waterbike. Grind Trick (Tap While on Rails).
Steer (Slide Across Screen). Boost Waterbike (Tap Twice).
Ramp Trick
Ride Over Ramp and Trace Trick Markers
Spin Dash. Burst Dash (Blaze Only)
Hold Control Pad Down, Press A Button or B Button, Then Release Control Pad
Jump Dash. Burst Hover (Blaze Only)
Air Trick
Jump, then Tap B. When You're Finished, Tap A.
Hop Jump. Axel Tornado (Blaze Only).
Launch into Air Using Spring or Ramp, Then Press Control Pad Up and R Button.
Humming Top. Jump Step (Blaze Only).
Launch into Air Using Spring or Ramp, Then Press R Button