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Trick sets

Every character has three sets of tricks that can be done. To see all three sets you must use the skates, boards, and motorcycles.

Voice announcer

When you play as Shadow, first perform a few tricks. If you listen closely, you can hear the announcer say "She has made a perfect landing!" or "She landed perfectly and has taken advantage of the speed boost."

Leveling up

During a race, once you collect enough rings you will level up. The stream your character's board leaves will change colors, and his or her attacks will become more proficient.

Knuckles Boosting

When using Knuckles (especially on missions), you can boost often to give yourself an edge or complete the mission on time. Keep in mind that when you punch through objects you will gain air. When you get hit by objects you will lose air.

Faster boosts and stronger attacks

Depending on what level your attacks are, they will last for a longer time and have a paralyzing effect. At level 1, you will have a short boost and weak attacks; and no paralyzing. At level 2, you will have a medium sized boost and stronger impact on enemies; and short Paralysis. At level 3, you will have the longest sized boost and a powerful paralyzing attack on your enemies.

Air riding

When "air riding" (riding through the hoops with flight characters), all you really need to do as you go off most ramps is to move fast enough. No jumping is necessary. Pressing Square or Circle to boost just before you reach the ramp will just about guarantee you getting into the air. When air riding, just press the Left Analog-stick Up to move your character downward, and Left Analog-stick Down to move him or her upward (like a plane).

Automated trails

To use automated trails to your advantage, wait for when the Analog-stick spinning part begins. When you spin it, it fills your air gauge. However if you keep spinning it beyond that, the speed meter will go faster up to a certain point.


To use turbulence effectively, wait for it to appear and ride on it. After you see arrows on the side, move towards it to gain speed and air. Also, it is an effective way to get in position to pass and hit an opponent.

Egg Factory 100 rings

Go past the part where you are blown into the air by a vent. You should see a machine with spinning cocoon-like objects. Go to the inside of it, and you should see a capsule with 100 rings in it.

Green Cave Shortcut

Go near the end of the stage. When you see the first ramp, get your jump to maximum height without slowing down. Make sure you are going at maximum speed and hold the Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you will hit three spider webs and cut off part of the track.

Red Canyon 100 rings

To get 100 rings automatically, when you get to the waterfall at the end of the stage, look to your left. You will see a ring box that holds 100 rings that will go into your bank and give you a level 3 Boost and Attack.

Red Canyon mission 5 Air container

There is a container with some air inside of it between two barrels near the beginning.

Splash Canyon Shortcut

As Tails in level 2 of the Hero storyline, there is a shortcut in a waterfall. After you make the first jump, when you are turning around the bend there is a waterfall. If you go through the beginning of it, you will find a fly kicker and accelerators.

Finding shortcuts

Ramps almost always lead to shortcuts. To reach these shortcuts, hold X for as long as possible (without slowing to a complete stop), then release it at the very edge of the ramp.

Random character selection

Press R1 at the character selection screen.

How to beatBabylonian God (Genie)

To defeat this giant, play as Sonic. He has three lives. To catch him, get a good head start. He is very quick. Do not make a mistake or it will take awhile to catch up. When you start, you must catch up to him using the turbulence streams and the grind rails. It helps to make quick work of him. Also, use the ramps and try to make the most tricks you can, but do not take any unnecessary risks. After you start getting close to him, use your boost to go through the lamp-like object below him, and he will let out a cry. Then the stage will look like a digital place for a period of time. After it returns to normal, repeat the process. After the third strike you deliver, it will quickly turn into a race. If you are near the finish line, use the turbulence and your boosts at any costs. When you win you will see an intermission sequence showing what the legendary treasure really is.

Babylon Garden Shortcut

Go past the first ramp and first turn. You will see boosters. Ride into one and you will see a small ramp. Make sure your jump is at maximum without slowing down, and hold the Analog-stick Up. If done correctly, you will ride the turbulence that will shortly be created by a jet.

Dark Desert mission 4

Make sure to trick off the three drop-offs. When you get to the weird part, take the Speed route instead of the Flight route. There are three jumps on this one instead of two.

Egg Factory Avoid losing speed

Instead of losing speed when hitting the lava, boost through it to keep your velocity.