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super disapointing

posted by Crashjohnson (COFFEYVILLE, KS) Jun 16, 2014

Member since Jun 2014

got the game in the mail and the disk didn't work it was perfect no scratches or anything my wii u would read the other games but this one gamefly you should test to see if your disks work more often

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Really Bad

Sonic is dead (disclaimer to the fanboys)

posted by citigroup06 (NORTH LAS VEGAS, NV) Nov 21, 2013

Member since Nov 2011

SEGA created the perfect formula in Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast and after the 2nd entry they went and changed it up with heroes. Ever since then Sonic has been doomed to the "lab rat" treatment. With every game they must experiment. They took away the spin dash and added the boost, along with the drift.

They went back to the S.A. formula in 06 but failed to deliver due to a terrible love story full of beastiality and gameplay that was full of glitches and bugs.

Lost World completely changed everything we know about Sonic and yet again took away Sonic's friends/rivals. I didnt make it pass the 1st stage when i realized that this game is uninspiring and lacked a real fun factor. The reviews werent far off when they said this wasnt a good game.

Play this game at your own risk. This is all my opinion (disclaimer to the fanboys).

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One of the worst Sonic games ever

posted by MastaKeiz (FAIRFIELD, AL) Nov 20, 2013

Member since Dec 2005

This was by far one of the worst Sonic games I have ever played, and that includes the likes of Sonic 06 and Unleashed. Staples of the franchise such as pure speed and ring collecting have been swapped out for clunky platforming and pitiful attempts at making the game more difficult.

Gone are the abilities to light dash without the help of an unnecessary Wisp and collecting 100 rings for an extra life, now all rings serve is to protect you from one hit by an enemy.

If you enjoyed the last few Sonic games like Colors, Generations and Rush, then give this game a pass, as it will make you realize why so many people have called Sonic a dying mascot.

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