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Sonic Heroes


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Continuous Team Blast

Get a team blast and use it and once done jump and press square to do it again (you must do it while the team blast gauge is emptying).

Homing Comet

When on a three star spring, jump on the springs with the homing attack. Now push X another time to form a comet. When it is level 3, the comet will be larger.

Easy Chaos Emeralds

Get all the chaos emeralds easier by doing the special stage challenges with team rose

Every mission for Team Chaotix

SeaSide Hill: Find all ten Hermit Crabs. Ocean Palace: Rescue the Chao in the palace. Grand Metropolis: Clear out the enemies in the city (85). Power Plant: Defeat the three Gold Camerons. Casino Park: Win 200 rings. Bingo Highway: Collect ten casino chips. Rail Canyon: Infiltrate the terminal station. Bullet Station: Destroy thirty capsules. Frog Forest: Avoid detection by the Frogs. Lost Jungle: Rescue ten Chao. Hang Castle: Get the keys in the castle. Mystic Mansion: Blow out all sixty red torches. Egg Fleet: Avoid enemy detection. Final Fortress: Find the keys to the client's cell.