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posted by cokeisec (TALLAHASSEE, FL) Dec 27, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

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Sonic colors is so good,its too good to be true.The gameplay was awesome.pretty easy storyline too.I`m almost done with it.FINALLY another Sonic game with a plot that makes sense.Although it got sorta hard as you progress on,but that`s what a game is supposed to do I guess.But you`ll get it.Buy the game,1 because its not expensive
(like nintendo just kidding) 2,you wont be dissapointed.

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Great Game

posted by gamer23 (WURTSBORO, NY) Dec 22, 2010

Member since Apr 2006

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I played a lot of sonic games, this was is pretty good. I would put it up there with super mario galaxy 2. Great graphics, fun gameplay and doesn't feel repetitive, overall good game.

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Sonic did his homework!

posted by Living88D (RAPID CITY, SD) Dec 8, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

6 out of 7 gamers (86%) found this review helpful

Oh Sonic how I've missed you.

The little blue hedgehog first came about as Sega's answer to Nintendo's Mario, everything was there from the collecting of coins to the power ups and once again they took some notes and brought Sonic back to his glory days by borrowing elements from Mario's latest expedition Galaxy, I noticed a bit of New Super Mario Bros. thrown in there too and wow is it fun.

The basic premise is Eggman built an amusement park in space where the game will have you running through a seamless mix of 3D and 2.5D environments and some of the best looking ones I've ever seen on the Wii, no seriously this game is gorgeous.

The controls are really tight and the sense of speed is not only ridiculous but once you gather enough energy to use your boost, you'll be cranking out the light speed and that's where things get intense. On top of that unlike some of the previous Sonic titles this one doesn't suffer from all the fidgety stops, It might take some practice but there's nothing more satisfying then managing to pull off a steady flow through an act.

There's some puzzle elements at play, multiple pathways you'll be able to explore, red coins to collect and multiple powers which is where the puzzle elements come in. Each little colored alien grants you a special power. Some may seem familiar like the drill or laser that sends you bouncing across a set path. In all theres around 8 colored powers that really add some depth to the gameplay.

To sum it up,
With coins to collect, challenges to complete and rankings to beat,
this game has a lot of replay value and you'll have a blast playing it.
I'm having a heck of a time finding anything to be critical of though some of the acts may be a bit on the short side and then there's my dislike of the theme "reach for the stars" but that said the boss battles are epic, the soundtrack is memorable and this is a solid Sonic game.

Welcome back Sonic!

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