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Silly-sounding Title, Great Game

posted by LOSTLINK (SAINT LOUIS, MO) Nov 25, 2010

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I am one of those that has managed to find at least some enjoyment in recent Sonic games. This finally marks an installment that isn't held back by some extra piece. I can't say the last time I was this into playing a Sonic game. Still, despite being a ton of fun it isn't without a minor fault or two. Mainly, my only complaint is that some of the acts feel too insignificant, like they were chopped off from a bigger level and made a separate act just so there could be more of them. Personally I don't like acts that end before they can pick up any steam. Over all though, it doesn't detract that much from the fun.

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A Colorful Alternative to the Standard Sonic Game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jan 4, 2011

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After several failed attempts to reinvent Sonic (Sonic Unleashed, Sonic and the Secret Rings) Sega has decided to just give what the fans are looking for in Sonic Colors - more of the old school Sonic.
In this game, Sonic has to get to the bottom of Eggman’s latest scheme involving an amusement park and several small alien creatures that give Sonic special powers.
But most of the game is what you’d expect from the older titles - Sonic runs through really fast from point A to point B, gathering rings, and demolishing robots.
But along the way, he picks up different colored alien creatures, and each color gives him a power move, like zapping along a level like a laser, drilling through mountains of dirt, turning into a shark like creature and eating almost everything in his path.
This game gives the players the needed speed rush that Sonic Unleashed failed to achieve, and the powers are a nice touch.
But there are parts of the levels where Sonic has to slow down and make jumps - which I found annoying. And other parts of the levels has the camera pull back really far, making Sonic very tiny onscreen - so tiny that it’s hard to keep track of Sonic and separate from all sorts of moving things dancing about him. Many times I accidentally sent the hedgehog plunging to his doom because of this.
But I still had fun with Sonic Colors, and I say it is good enough for a rental, and some die hard fans will want to buy it.

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Very Good

Sonic finally Returns

posted by sigep1983 (DALLAS, TX) Dec 30, 2010

Member since Dec 2010

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Look no further for a truly fun and entertaining Sonic game. Not since the Dreamcast Sonic Adventure has a game in the franchise actually been worth playing. Like most people I've never forget the first time I blazed through Sonic Hedgehog on the Genesis. Sega has recaptured the magic and given Sonic a nice graphical makeover. The game moves nicely as you progress through the game with Sonic. The controls are tight and very rarely will curse the screen with frustration.

Truthfully I didn't know what to expect from this but it turned out to be quite the gem. The boss fights are pretty creative, the level design is top notch. My only complaint is the game is short. I only had 4 hours of logged time on my console but the game seemed to play much longer.

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