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Above Average

Not bad by any means but not great either

posted by Axlthehntr (SPRINGFIELD, MO) Oct 7, 2008

Member since Aug 2008

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To get started I will state that I REALLY wanted to like this game, I'm a huge Sonic fan, I love RPGs and Bioware is among one of the best RPG developers out there.

However in the end while the game was decent I just felt that something was missing and I can't quite put a finger on it. Everything about it is a mixed bag. In terms of graphics, I think this has one of the coolest intros of any DS game EVER, it's like an animated comic book and looks amazing. Also impressive are the environments which look hand drawn. The characters for the most part look good until they turn around and you see their faces which seem just.... not quite right somehow, no big deal though. One gripe that I do have is that the sound could have used some work, while it has all the classic sounds you'd expect from Sonic as well as some familiar tunes, some aspects such as the music sound like they were just slapped in and sound like something from Sega's old Game Gear portable. Another problem is that many of the characters such as Amy Rose and Rouge make the same sounds in battle (as in the same generic female voice) which brings little personality to the battles.
Getting to the strong points however, the story is INCREDIBLY well written, Bioware did their research as all of the character's personalities are spot on and even more amazing is that it makes reference to the behind the scenes stories of the original Genesis adventures! Also cool is that Bioware's branching dialogue scenes are in tact and you can choose what Sonic says, but disapointingly these choices effect little more than what the character you're talking to says in the next dialogue box.

In the end, for a hardcore Sonic fan this is definatly something you WILL want to try, but be warned, it feels more like a very strong blueprint of what could be improved upon in the future, and I really hope they do give it another go.

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GF Rating


makeing the right turns, go sonic!

posted by spedzs (BATTLE CREEK, MI) Oct 16, 2008

Member since Jun 2008

7 out of 9 gamers (78%) found this review helpful

Out of his field? I THINK NOT!!As we all know, sonic the hedgehog RULED the 2D era along side a very few other icons in the gameing world. Sonic, along side mario and link was the first to be put in the " walk of game" ( like the walk of fame on Hollywood, CA, but isnt in Hollywood and right now i forgot where it is at, sorry)! But sadly, ever since he hit the 3D era, well, his games have been slacking, we all know the problems, bad camera views, glitches, bad voice acting and so and so on...but lately we have seen sonic trying to make a come-back, sonic and the secret rings was the first really good game in a looong time, but now we got sonic chronicles: the dark brotherhood ( SC:TDB )

Yea, again it got a few cons such as frame rate issues and a few other things, BUT lets look at the good side, how many characters you know tryed to go out in left field and try to do something there not? I dont see mario making a shooter or halo making a sports game? So seeing sonic in a RPG, well I didnt see it coming! RPGs are SO SLOW, but sonic kept everything that makes him, HIM, and put it in a RPG, and it worked! i really liked it, its fun, new, different, and its not to hard, its like a RPG for beginners or people who hate RPGs may like this one! Bioware did a great job on turning lemons to lemonade! I 100% recommend that you rent it, but, make sure you have some extra money because i know you will want to buy it and is a must for any sonic, RPG, bioware, sega fan, or anyone who want a good DS game! you will put over 15 hours in it easily and will be waiting for the next sonic game, sonic unleashed anyone?!

grades 1-10 1=OMG KILL IT, it sucks 5-too average 7- average 10-perfect, too good!

fun factor-9
plot-9.5 ( best sonic plot ever )
1player lasting factor-9
multiplayer lasting factor-7

P.S. the choas are back!

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GF Rating

Above Average

Fun timekiller

posted by malingenie (KALAMAZOO, MI) Sep 8, 2009

Member since Apr 2007

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

As an RPG is very simplistic. Combat was engaging and fun, the storyline was absolutely ridiculous and subpar for Bioware. Even as a kid's game. The interactivity is zip and it is as linear as it could get. However it was a fun 15 hours or so.

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