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Above Average

Alot of fighting...

posted by beckybeth7 (DUFF, TN) Jul 29, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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This was my first Sonic game and I really liked it but there is way too much time consuming fighting... you can't walk anywhere without running into an enemy 2 fight. So if you don't like fighting do not rent.. the characters are super cute tho and I like the storyline.

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Really good, but not the best

posted by Slam422 (CRANE, IN) Feb 7, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

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"Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood" is an example of what we gamers like to call a "Win/Lose" game. In all rights it is an amazing game that shows that Sonic can be more than just a fleet-of-foot runner. The game contains an in-depth story that helps to give more character and depth to the usually bland continuity that is the Sonic series & actually helps to expand on it's many characters. The game play is also quite fun and engaging, as using the stylus to perform basic actions, as well as pull off some sweet & stylish looking attacks in battle.

The problem with all of this, however, is the fact that, in true "Modern Sonic" fashion, the game just feels....incomplete. But don't ask me exactly WHAT it is that makes the game feel like that, as I couldn't tell ya even if I tried.

Overall, it's a great game, but there was just so much that Bioware could have done to make it better...

...Here's hoping that the sequel fixes this problem...

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posted by Gamer251 (BARRINGTON, RI) Oct 8, 2009

Member since Jun 2004

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I always wanted to play a Sonic game as I liked the character, but I don't do well with "speed".

I feel it is worth every penny. This is not a short game at all. The developer put a LOT of effort into this game. Most games these days seem to end almost as fast as your start playing it! The Dark Brotherhood has 10 Chapters! You can save whenever you want and pick up right where you left off!

The fighting strategy is "any way a player wants it to be". You have several characters to choose from. POW moves to choose & "build up" and Chao you can bond with to help your stats.

There are only 2 complaints.
1. The "Healing" characters POW moves were always too difficult to follow the input commands with the stylus which made it a wasted turn. So I just ignored them and chose characters that were powerful and stocked up on healing items. Which you also get plenty of in containers and battles.
2. Did not like being forced to play a particular character that I wasn't crazy for in some chapters. Once I had my favorite 4 characters, I didn't want to have to use a different character.

I did wish Sonic had more powerful POW moves, especially where he was the main character. Was really surprised Eggman had good powerful moves, but didn't get to use him much. Sonic, Rouge, Knuckles and Omega were my favorite. With them it was very easy to win a fight. It's great that you can choose to fight YOUR way.

There is several pieces of equipment you can equip and several different types of items you can use in battle. Really great puzzles.

I liked that ALL characters levelled up even if you weren't using them at the time.

I enjoyed this game right from the start, am in Chapter 9 right now and am still thoroughly enjoying this game! Would prefer not to have to use the stylus to move my character, but that won't stop me playing a good game. With Zelda's "Phantom Hourglass" you had to use the stylus to move also, and that was a great game too!

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