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Sonic Battle

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Unlock Chaos 0

Defeat Chaos 0 during Emerl's story line.

Unlock Gamma

Defeat Gamma during Emerl's story line.

Fly And Get mini-game

Finish Tails' episode in story mode.

Green Hill Zone level

Finish story mode with all characters.

Mine Hunt mini-game

Finish Knuckle's episode in story mode.

Soniclash! Mini-game

Finish Sonic's episode in story mode.

Speed Demon mini-game

Finish Shadow's episode in story mode.

Treasure Island mini-game

Finish Amy's episode in story mode.

Professor Gerald's Journal

After completing all the episodes in story mode, go back and play each episode again. At the end of each episode you will see an entry from Professor Gerald's Journal, which explains his experiments on Emerl and more about Emerl's past as a battle weapon.