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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

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Awesome. Just Awesome.

posted by marioman86 (TEWKSBURY, MA) Aug 25, 2010

Member since Jun 2005

One of the best sonic games ever. You have the speed stages with sonic and shadow, the explosive stages with tails and eggman, and the treasure hunting stages with knuckles and rouge. Plus you can raise chao, and connect to your gba to out your chao in the mini chao garden. And there is also the multiplayer which is awesome. There are not ebough sonic stages and the voice acting is horrible. Luckily you can have the characters speak in Japanese with English subtitles if you want. Great for any sonic fan. You can find it on Amazon for cheap.

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Awesome Game!

posted by Superstar7 (BIGFORK, MT) May 8, 2010

Member since May 2010

This game is AWESOME!!! It's easily the best Sonic game EVER! The gameplay rocks and the music does too. The critics and anyone who doesn't like this game don't know what they're saying.

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Good Sonic game...Really Good.

posted by TheApester (MCGREGOR, TX) May 19, 2007

Member since Nov 2003

In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle,you play as Sonic,Tails
or Knuckles,individually on a quest to fight evil.
Sonic's framed for destroying a military base and taking a Chaos Emerald,Tails supports Sonic,and
Knuckles is out to regain the Chaos Emerald before a
bat named Rouge,who is 'sexy and smooth.'That's just
the Hero side.The Dark side is working against the
Hero's good ways.That's old Dr. Eggman leading the
way against Tails-not SONIC?!-a new female enigma
named Rouge,who's after Knuckles's emerald,and a
'demon hog' named Shadow,who's now chasing Sonic.
With this fight going on,which side will overthrow?Find out in the game,of course.
Gameplay sort of splits into a variety now.Instead of a casual sidescroller,you now utilize things like an action adventure.
Sonic and Shadow,for example,use gameplay familiar
to the past,only that the camera falls behind you
instead of on the side,and now there are more ways
to go instead of just left and right.North,south,
west,east,northwest,north- est,southwest,southeast.
The directions are possibly endless.
Tails and Eggman utilize shooter style,much like
e102gamma's style in SA1.Shoot enemies,and it gives you points instead of points to time.There's
a health bar this time.
Knuckles and Rouge involve treasure hunting.To me,
this is sort of fun,because that way,you can have
time to explore.Like the Legend of Zelda,for instance.
The graphics are slightly cartoony for nowadays in
2007,but they must've been great for the time the
game came out.Still,they're okay.
Voice acting is significantly above average.Sonic
sounds like Sonic,Tails like Tails,and so on. It's
sort of neat,you know.
My conclusion is that SA2B is a good game to buy,
for Sonic fans.Although it doesn't connect with
its old days that much,it's still good.Buy it,and
you may not regret it.

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