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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

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Above Average

fun but overrated

posted by jss1234 (LIBERTY, KY) Jun 28, 2011

Member since Jun 2011

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now don't get me wrong this game is not a bad game but its not great either I honestly dont see why so many people believe this to be the greatest sonic game ever made the story is not sonic like it's too dark and little to no humor in it not to mention it's very corny and way too serious for my taste I mean looking at this title now since games like Sonic Colors have been released this will not feel like a Sonic title to you the graphics are also terrible they look on par to ps1 graphics which is just sad it's not even n64 quality the voice acting is also lame personally I perfered the 4kids voices though they aren't much better also stage design is poor there is little to no variety in it most levels either take place in cities in the desert in space or in eggman's desert base the one redeeming factor of this game however is the music in the game this has very good music some of the best sonic music to date espically the main theme live and learn thats the one thing in this game that isn't overrated it deserves to be praised this game is also very short it will only take an hour or 2 to finish both stories and an extra 30 mins to beat the final story that totals up to about 4 hours and 30 mins of gameplay which makes it even shorter then luigis manison I really think this game should only be rented but since its now nearly impossible to rent I'd say buy it

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posted by EthanTM (CHICAGO, IL) Mar 12, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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You Get To Unleash Pretty Tight Move's, I'll Give You One Of My Secret's :
the Flying Blue/Raging Dragon, You Catch Easy-To-Combo Enemies, Then You Rapidly Press A!, Control Stick's Useful.

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Very Good

First one was better, but decent

posted by Vegito (DULUTH, GA) Aug 26, 2010

Member since Jun 2010

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Not as good as the first one, as this game is far too linear for my taste, but it does introduce shadow.

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