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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Bouncy omochao

Go to the aquatic mines and go to where the two Omochaos are where the two water-level changers are. Talk to the Omochao on the right, then jump onto the wall and dig while he is talking to you. He will start bouncing off the wall trying to get to you. If this does not work the first time try again till he does.

Be in the bcackground

If you go to chao garden, go near the water, on the small rock and use jump dash. When you are in the background, push Up and the camera will follow you. If you go back to land, all your chaos will be swimming underground. If you go behind chao garden, if you go inside a black place, it will take you to the chao lobby or the chao stadium.

Buried chao

As Shadow or Sonic, go to the Chao Garden. Go to the corner on the lowest rock thingy, (left of cave). Continuously do the Homing Attack, (best done with a turbo controller). You'll be flying, and there will be two Shadows Sonics. Fly toward the clouds, 'till you go through them. There will be a blue and black backround. Turn untill you see the clouds again. Go through them, and you'll see the chao garden, again. Fly to it, and all you'll see are shadows, and dots. (Hint: It won't work if you're chao are in the water).

President's assistant theme

Go to options. Go to where you choose the theme. Turn the analog stick in a clockwise turn. You will hear a sound.

Hidden life

Enter punpkin hill. When you start, fly toward the first clue computer. There will be a ring. (With a weapon on it.) Drill drive or dig in the center of the ring. When you come back out, you will find a life.

Pumpkin Head for Chaos

To get a pumpkin, you will need to be knuckles or rouge. Dig at Chao world (Chao Garden in the Pumpkin Hill Stage) and sooner or later, you'll find one!


In hero garden dig all around and you will find a pumpkin.

Hidden hats

Go to a chao garden as Knuckles or Rouge. When you get in, jump and dig into the ground. Keep doing it all over the place(only in soft ground)and eventually you will find a hat for your chao, if they are smart enough to put it on. Here's what you will find where: Chao Garden: Pumpkins Dark Garden: Skulls Hero Garden: (Watermelons?)

Sonic team announcement

Allow the game to idle at the Press Start screen. After several demos, the Sonic Team logo will appear again and Tails will say Sonic Team!.

Easy coins

An easy way to get coins is to go to any garden as rouge or knuckles and dig around for pumpkins or skulls. Then take it to the black market and they will give you 50 coins.

Black chao

To make a black Chao, grab it and keep throwing it to the ground or the walls.

Shadow chao

Get a whole bunch of green chaos drives (the best way to get them is by getting them on hard mode in Iron gate) buy a black chao and hatch it with shadow. Keep giving it green chaos drives (with shadow of course) until it starts to grow shadow's hair on the back of it's head(most the time it doesn't grow shadow's hair till it likes you and its run is at level 20-30).keep feeding it fruits until it evolves. it should look like a minuature shadow without shoes and gloves.

Chao immortal

To get you chao immortal feed it all the animals in the missions you have completed. Then let your chao go through two phases inside its rain drop shape cacoon.

Get higher Chao ranks

Get the required Animal or Chaos Drive for the type of Chao you want. For example, the Yellow drive or Sea Otter for swim. Then, give them mostly that color of Drive or Animal. Eventually they will evolve into an adult. When this happens, if you gave them mostly yellow for example, the adult Chao will be a swimming type and if your rank in swim was, for example an A rank, it will go up to S. To improve the letter rank in Stamina, make the Chao a normal type.

Reuse chaos drive or animal

Get a Chaos Drive or animal and go to your garden. Take either one and bring it to your Chao, but do not give it to them. Drop it directly in front of them, very close. They will get the points but they will leave it there to use over and over. Try giving it fruit, then do it so its not moving around.

Make a Chao follow you

If a Chao is in its flowers, pick it up and it will follow you for a while. Also, if you whistle now, it comes to you.

Winning in Chao Karate

Your Chao's power has to be higher than 75. It can now punch and kick harder in Chao Karate. This help can knock Chao(s) off the edge easier.

Rock climbing

When you enter the Neutral Chao Garden, you can climb the mountains to your left. Jump up there and you can get very high in the area.

Kart racing mini-game

Catch the President with Tails, or catch Tails with Rouge. If you do both, you will unlock versus in two-player mode. Either way will work -- it does not matter which you do first.

New kart racing cars

Get all level emblems with every character. Press Up at any character at the kart race player selection screen to find a new car.

Super speed

In two player mode, use a speed up then wait for the little blue light to disappear. Then, get the Super Shoes. The easiest way to do this is to play Shadow's Bridge level. After you fly up the first speed ramp, kill the robot guard then use your speed up. Then, go around the side where the Super Shoes are located.

Metal Harbour - Special Area

On Metal harbour, play the game as normal. When you get near the end of the missile launch pad, instead of jumping onto the handle to fly up, jump into the air - off the platform, and a few floating machines appear. Use these to get over to another area of the platform which takes you to a special area ( but you have to use bouncers and ring lines to get there). It is difficult because the timer is counting down, and you only have about 5-7 seconds to get there.

Power up your newborn chao really fast

In order to do this you must be willing to sacrifice a few of your lives. First off, beat the Green Forest stage (if you havent already) then go to stage select and play it again. Keep running through the level until you swing off of the second vine. As you land you should see a blue raccoon (gives your chao 3 fly swim and run) Grab it and restart. Keep repeating until you have as many as you want or until you are on 00 lives. When you feed them all to your chao it will go up levels and levels until it can win all of the races etc. every time you fo into the Green forest stage you will have 04 lives again, so you can do this as many times as you want!

Easy Dark Chao

To get a dark chao the easy way, get someone from the dark side, usually shadow and care for the chao a lot, it will start growing bat wings and the rin around his neck.

Grim Reeper Chao

Heres how to make a chao that can looks and acts like the Grim Reeper. First get a black chao egg. Then give it nothing but dark fruit and skeleton dogs with Shadow. Make it go to lots of lessons. When it goes into the cocoon it will be a dark chao. Give it a skull and win it a shovle. It will carry it around like a sithe. It will also follow a chao thats about die. Name it grim.

How to stop a summersault

Use Sonic or Shadow and while Sonic or Shadow is doing a summersault press the B button. It takes practice.