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Sonic Advance

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Cheats, Codes & FAQs


Enter code While playing the game

  • Press B(2), A.
    Sonic Flip
Character Moves

Select Amy and go to any level. When you see a rail, enter code

  • press R on it to slide with her.
    Amy Grind
  • Press A while in the air then hold Down and keep pressing B.
    Amy Swing hammer
  • press A. While in the air, press B.
    Amy Jump and front flip in the air
  • Press Down + A to make Amy dash forward. While dashing, press B
    Amy Fall
  • hold Down after the uppercut..
    Knuckles Fourth attack
  • Press B + A three times.
    Sonic Flip in air
  • rapidly press Left(3) or Right(3)
    Sonic Air dash