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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Get the same character as a partner

Hold down start and press the A button to select the same character as your partner.

Eggman as partner

After collecting all the Emeralds, play the "Final Boss level" with Sonic as the leader and anyone else as your partner. Once you change to Super Sonic, Dr. Eggman will become your partner in order to help you defeat the final Boss.

Easy height

Have Tails as your partner. If you missed an elevated platform or area during a level, use Tails' Tag action on the ground. About 95% of the time you will be able to reach what you fell off from. REMEMBER: This can also be done to access certain areas of the Act faster.


Your character can run backwards by holding R and preparing the Tag Action (do not use it). Run and jump in the air. When in the air, press the D-pad in the opposite direction you are running and do not touch it afterwards. Your character will run in a direction and he or she will be facing the other way. This is best done as Sonic, as he is the fastest character.

Grind with a surfboard

Put Sonic as the leader and Amy as your partner. Grind on a rail and Sonic will grind with a surfboard.

Better springs

Play as Amy or have Amy as your partner. Hit a spring with the "Hammer Attack". The spring will give you more of a boost.

Sonic The Hedgehog reference

In Zone 2, Sunset Hill, the music that plays is a remix of Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog.

Change color settings

Press R at the "Press Start" screen. In the upper right corner, the game will display the color setting that you are currently on. Press R again to change the color settings. There are three color setting: "Game Boy Advance", "Game Boy Advance SP", and "Game Boy Player". The color settings optimize the color for the system that you are using.

How to beat Eggman

Play as Knuckles and Tails. Have Knuckles as your lead and when you face Eggman, use Knuckles' glide. Having Tails as your partner will give Knuckles more elevation on his glide, allowing you to hit Eggman's weak spot without any elevation help from the hands or the balls that fly around.