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Sonic Advance 2


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Gameplay Controls

Sonic Advance 2

Control Pad Select Mode, Menu Items
A Button Enter Selection
B Button Cancel

Control Pad Walk or Run Left/Right, Hold to increase speed. Press and hold Up = Appeal. Watch each character move around as they wait for your instructions. Press and hold Down = Crouch down. Press while walking/running to spin along the ground. Use this move to attack enemies directly ahead of you. Press and hold Down + A, then Release Down = Spin around in place to build up speed, then dash away.
A Button Jump/Jump-Attack
B Button Special Attack
R Button Mid-Air Trick Action. Rapidly change direction to avoid obstacles ahead or awkward landings. Up + R = Spring upwards to gain extra height and to reach areas that are difficult to get to. Left/Right + R = Increase speed to gain distance and attack enemies directly ahead. Down + R = Stops mid-flight and attacks straight downwards.
Start/Pause Pause

A Button (While jumping) = Double Spin Attack. Increase attack speed and create a temporary shield of air. (While jumping near an enemy) = Targeted dash straight towards enemies.
B Button (While running) = Skid Attack enemies straight ahead of you while screeching to a halt. (While in Boost Mode) = Super Skid = Skid straight through enemies and continue running. (While jumping) = Bound. Stop mid-flight and Spin attack straight downwards.

A Button (While jumping) = Flying. Flap her ears like wings to take off. Press the A Button repeatedly to gain extra height.
B Button Chao Attack. Send "Cheese" the Chao to focus in on nearby enemies. (While in Boost Mode) = Step Attack. Take a long stride protected by "Cheese" the Chao. (While jumping) = Mid-Air Chao Attack. Send "Cheese" to attack enemies ahead while in mid-air. Down + B Button while jumping = Chao Rolling Attack. "Cheese" spins around Cream to protect against attacks while in mid-air.

A Button Propeller Flying. Repeatedly pressing the A Button lets Tails sustain flight for a short period of time.
B Button Tail Swipe. Attack enemies with a swish of his tails. (While in Boost Mode) = Super Tail Swipe. Charge straight through enemies with a Tail Swipe and continue running.

A Button (A Button held while jumping) = Mid-Air Glide. Glide through the air and punch straight through enemies. Press the Control Pad left / right to change direction. (Touch a vertical surface during Mid-Air Glide) = Wall Climb. Grab onto walls and other vertical surfaces. Press the Control Pad Up / Down to climb.
B Button (While Running) = Double Punch. Punch twice while advancing forwards. (While in Boost Mode) = Spiral Attack. Spiral Attack sends Knuckles' fists forward, straight through enemies while he continues to run. (While running) = Drill Claw. Spiral Attack straight downwards fists first.

A Button (While jumping) = Super Hammer Attack. Swing the Hammer once in mid-air before skillfully returning to the ground.
B Button Hammer Attack. Attack enemies with the Piko Piko Hammer. (While in Boost Mode) = HEad Slide. Perform a high speed Head Slide attack and continue running. (While jumping) = Mid-Air Hammer Swirl. Head straight downwards swirling the Hammer to destroy enemies.