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Does it fall flat?

posted by ErgoProxy (HALLSTEAD, PA) Apr 26, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

2 out of 3 gamers (67%) found this review helpful

I've herd a lot of good things about this game, as well as some bad things this game includes as well. Buckle in and prepare for a ride you will easily forget. This games focus is all on drifting, so most of the time while you play, You'll be drifting 80% or more of the time. If you don't your vehicle will slow to that of a slug, that's on the verge of paralysis. How much Horsepower do these cars have? -100?..I don't know, but it's no fun driving a car, you can't move unless you're drifting on a straight-a-way. Which You'll see quite a lot of online play, if you can manage to get past all the choppy frame rate. Another thing I disliked about this game were the not so creative power ups. Not going to mention that worthless shield thing. Only way you will get a decent power up is if you're sitting in near or last place. Which then you might as well quit since you're going to lose either way. But this game does include some positive things as well. Such as the vibrant colors, and well thought out maps for the most part. Their were only a few maps I thought were un enjoyable. Don't know the names of them because they sucked a big one. I also liked the character selection since they put a lot of characters that will bring back that nostalgic feeling for the hardcore fans. But overall I wont consider this a buy nor a rent. Don't waste your time with this game unless your a die hard kart racer/Mario Kart fan. 5/10, only gave it a 5 because it's the only kart racer I've played that got somewhat close to Mario Kart. But in the end it falls flat.

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Wait.... Why is Sonic in a car?

posted by Monologue (PASADENA, TX) Aug 20, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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The name says it all. Why IS sonic in the car? Its not like he needs it.
738 mph is his top speed. Running. Nearly the speed of SOUND.
Which brings me to my next question of:
Why rent THIS? It has faulty loading and its mostly just drifting.
And the speed, Oh god why did they make it so slow?
This is a bad game. Horrible to say the worst. If you want a fast-action, super speed, Oh-My-God-how-fast-is-he-going moment,
Two words.
Sonic. Heroes.
I fell in love with that game. It was fast paced, entertaining, and one of the best Sonics to date, within the two years of its popularity.
Not only that, but you get to play with other people OTHER than Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. YOU EVEN GET TO PLAY AS SHADOW <3. Espio can turn INVISIBLE. Another game you would want to rent, though not really a fast paced kind, Shadow the hedgehog. Its more of an adventure to find the truth about Shadow's past. If you love Shadow, You'll love that game
If you want the best SEGA has to offer, Pick these. Though I have no idea if Sonic Heroes is for PS3. Or Shadow the hedgehog is, Definitley break out the old PS2, and start playing them.
Gotta love Sonic. And Shadow.

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Close but no.

posted by TweekTra (MILWAUKEE, WI) Aug 10, 2010

Member since Dec 2008

1 out of 2 gamers (50%) found this review helpful

This game is a fun racers, but the differences between the characters is too great. It killed multiplayer from what I saw. The selection of characters was kinda bland, considering the many greats that sega had/has. All in all, it's worth it for a few days to get the different track and use the racers you couldn't on the demo, but mostly its just 'meh'.

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