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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing


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Also on:DS, Wii, Xbox 360
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Look out Nintendo

posted by Robofish (OWINGS MILLS, MD) Oct 27, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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Sega is closing in. This racing game is fantastic. A lot of the mechanics are ripped right out of Mario Kart but to me this feels like the best version of Mario Kart 64. Sega has done a great job with this game. From the racing mechanics, to all the challenges and the courses. Oh the courses. They are very imaginative especially the ones using Sonic's world. From loops to corkscrews to the really cool to look at Casino courses. You even get to race through the Curien Mansion. If you are a fan of Mario Kart you need to check out this game. From my opinion it really feels like the best version of Mario Kart 64 and plays better then the last few iterations of the Mario Kart series. Pat yourself on the back Sega. You have made a supremely addicting and fun kart racer. I love it

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Very Good


posted by damianrock (DULUTH, GA) Jun 24, 2010

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Member since Nov 2007

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Biggest complaint - NO MULTIPLAYER GRAND PRIX! I'm mean really, is it that hard to code 2 players at the same time?

Otherwise, it's very much like Mario Kart 64, which I think was the best one to date. You slide, never let go of the gas, get useless toys if in the top 3. Some of the levels are very nice looking and much better than any kart racer I've played recently. The game's biggest downfall is that it came out right before ModNation, which is the hot kart racer right now.

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Better than Mario Kart this generation

posted by Vsonic (EAST STROUDSBURG, PA) Mar 5, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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SEGA, and more importantly Sumo Digital (lets give credit where credit is due), have knocked it out of the park with this effort.

Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing is an excellent cart racer. It starts with the core of the experience, the actual racing model. Now, this shouldn't be surprising because Sumo has a ton of racing experience (including Outrun 2, 2006 and Dirt 2 - the Wii/PS2 versions), but it feels great. Similar to Mario Kart to a certain extent, with a similar emphasis on drifting, but it's still different - this isn't a Dante's Inferno/God of War situation here. It feels great just to drive around, and the track design is excellent and works with the racing model to provide some really fun play-spaces.

Visually and audio-wise the game is a treat for longtime SEGA fans. Sure they don't hit all the buttons that they could (no Panzer Dragoon or Space Harrier or After Burner anywhere), but they manage to hit a lot of stuff that'll put a smile on your face. I mean Billy Hatcher and Jet Set Radio love? Awesome. And it all sounds and looks great. The online play is pretty top-notch as well. In fact all the features are great, and the game is loaded with content.

The reason I truly believe it's better than Mario Kart Wii though is because - unlike THAT game - this game is balanced. There's weapon combat, but the items never take preference over skill. Practice will be rewarded, and the best racer WILL take 1st in SEGA All Stars Racing, unlike in Mario Kart. Especially the Wii version, where the best racer will only get slammed by the most blue shells.

While the PS3 will soon be getting ModNation Racers, and many fanboy Nintendo gamers will blindly claim that Mario Kart Wii is the only one you need, this is definitely a pick up if you at all dig really fun games, cart racers and party games. A fantastic effort from SEGA - I wish they'd give this much polish and attention to all their games. Super fun; highly recommended.

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