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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo-Kazooie


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Also on:DS, PS3, Wii
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GF Rating


Time waster

posted by Taurus99a (CARNEGIE, PA) Jul 9, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

This game is a festering waste of time and energy. Do not even get this if you are trying for the achivements. This game isn't worth it for that. They take too long to unlock, there are too many of them, a few are unexplicably too difficult for a childrens game, and many of them are glitched. Life is far too short to spend it on this game.

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GF Rating


very bad

posted by Ichi (SPRINGFIELD, OR) Mar 28, 2011

Member since Mar 2011

rented for my mom to play because controls were easy to learn,we hated it no matter how far ahead the a.i. was right behind you with the catch up option off. the games tracks were a joke,it was a very bad rip off of mario cart and a bad one at that. no reason to play your not rewarded with anything and the only thing to do is win the race to get money to unlock some more racers how lame. graphics were not very good.

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Mario Kart wannabe doesn't live up to expectations

posted by Nysguy (DETROIT, MI) Mar 8, 2011

Member since Feb 2006

After playing this game both in single player and online, this game is a disappointment. Its fun at first, but soon you realize that each race kinda feels like the last. There are plenty or racers to choose from, but they don't feel to different from each other. Some handle differently and others are a bit faster, while others accelerate faster, but not much difference. The main difference between the racers is their "All-Star" move which allows a racer to charge up from behind and catch up. This is where my problem is, this "All-Star" item you sometimes get is inconsistent. Usually the person in last place gets it, but I have gotten it while in 4th place far too often, yet while I'm in dead last, my "All-Star" move is nowhere to be found. And I have yet to receive one online at all!

While I'm on the subject of online play, its really lacking. Finding a match sucks, it takes about a minute to find a match at all, which is usually 2 or 3 matches (really out of the whole world I can only find a few games online?) then 9 times out of 10 after trying to join a game, it will say match no longer in session, very frustrating.

The tracks leave little to be desired. Some are fun, yet others are so confusing to navigate that you will find yourself slamming into walls or driving the wrong way. The items are standard and blatant Mario Kart ripoffs (how did I know I could fire behind me by holding down, didn't even read the instructions on that) but could be better. A better game like this would be blur, I recommend that over this big time.

Its an OK game, but Mario Kart it isn't, even though it is trying to be.

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