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great game

posted by madog (EDEN, NC) Aug 10, 2014

Member since Jun 2013

I like the game very much I wish it was fore sale

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GF Rating

Very Good

Excellent Racing Game! Watch Out Mario Kart!

posted by HarleysBatman (LA PUENTE, CA) Dec 13, 2013

Member since May 2013

Rented this for my girlfriend, who is a major Sonic fan and racing game fan; I am neither of these but I gotta say, this game is actually very fun and decent! I didn't think I would be playing at all, but I think I ended up playing more than my girlfriend did. I gave it an 8 out of 10, because there are a few annoyances and glitches but again, there's not so many that it makes the game either impossible to play or enjoy...

The Good:

- The tracks are very unique and colorful. Most tracks I really enjoyed playing on!

- There is many characters to choose from; and even Wreck It Ralph is in the game!

- The replay value is very high in this game; you need to win stars to unlock characters or pathways to new events and lands and depending on what difficulty you set, you can receive up to 4 stars per event!

- The game is very addicting and is best played with friends!

- The game is enough of a challenge to let you know that it is possible to win and not enough to make you throw the controller down!

The Bad

- The A.I. can sometimes cheat on the higher difficulty settings! I had been in first place for most of the race, having no problem defending, and out of nowhere, an A.I. opponent would drive right past me, at amazing speed! Also, the A.I. can crash into you on some events, take no damage and ruin your groove, but you can't hit them at all in the same event, without taking some damage!

- The music is mostly generic or not very interesting. I turned it off.

- The sounds are a mixed bag. The effects of the cars and weapons are done nicely but some of the lines some characters use are either super generic or just out of place. For instance, Tails will sometimes say, "It's a race to the end!", when he wins. REALLY? YOU DON'T SAY?! Shadow, a cocky little guy, will say things like, "No challenge at all!"---WHEN HE LOSES! Oddly, a girl named Pudding will say, "I feel so used!", and makes a drug reference when losing a race. Invisible audience is a

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GF Rating

Very Good

Finally a Equalizer for Mario Kart

posted by raymondx (APACHE JUNCTION, AZ) Aug 7, 2013

Member since Mar 2012

I was very surprised how good this game was and how much i wanted to keep playing it to progress in the game. I've rented other racing cart games on gamefly the little big planet racing and modnation. Both were fun but where missing something and that was iconic characters, nostalgia, and fun race tracks. The only bad thing I could say about the game is the weapons could be a little better but they have so good original weapons as well.

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