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you've come a long way,baby

posted by fairgamer2 (SPRINGFIELD, OH) Feb 26, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

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This is my first gamefly rental and I have to say that I should of picked something else.These are games that were some of my favorites when I was little.Sonic,streets of rage, and vectorman to name a few,got plenty of play time.While some of these games are still decent fun,there were others that I just could not get into.

I could not get into phantasy star and the other RPG games that were on there.I couldn't even play them for more than 10 minutes without wanting to play or do something else.After hearing all this talk about how great those games were-and loving games such as final fantasy...I thought I was going to be in for a nice little treat.boy,was I wrong.Those games sucked.

Some games were also not as fun as I remembered.One game comes to mind when I say this-altered beast.The game is so boring and terrible that I think they should of just left it out of the compilation.

As I mentioned earlier,I loved the sonic games.The problem is-I already have a 'sonic mega collection' on the gamecube,so the sonic games were nothing exciting.There were also a couple games that I haven't played that,if I was little,I would of enjoyed more.Comix zone was good fun for a while and I should of played it in the genesis days.

All in all though-I think that I should of spent my time on something else.These games just aren't as fun as what they used to be.Don't get me wrong,I had fun playing them but I feel like I should of checked something else out on one of the lastest consoles.This would make a great rental if you have already rented/bought some of the triple A titles that are coming out.

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Very Good

High Marks for Nostalgia

posted by Robofish (OWINGS MILLS, MD) Oct 16, 2014

Member since Dec 2009

Definitely a game for Nostalgia. Though holy cow some of these games DO NOT age well at all.

Remember how awesome Altered Beast was as a kid? Yeah me too. Well hold on to those memories, cause that game does not hold up at all. That does make it a bit more fun though cause it's just so hilariously bad. AWISE FWUM YOUR GWAVE!

Some of the other games hold up fine such as Golden Axe, Sonic, and the RPGs.

Looking at it from a new perspective of being older, a lot seem to favor graphics over gameplay.

But either way this is a fun trip down memory lane.

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A good one for us older gamers

posted by SlajeD (WESTFIELD, IN) Mar 25, 2014

Member since Sep 2010

Modern gamers may have no interest in this but many of these games were old favorites many of us remember losing quarters to and then went they to console we would call a friend over and just game.

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