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Great Expectations

posted by Greens (SYRACUSE, NY) Feb 22, 2009

Member since Feb 2009

The Sega Genesis was a great system when it was out lots of fun games some innovative titles. Now looking back, though I do have some fond memories of them a lot of these games, they seem a bit shallow (with a few exceptions). Also game flaws such as laggy controls and sluggish response (as well as pretty horrible graphics)that used to be acceptable now seem to just be an annoyance. After playing modern games most of these just become an exercise in tedium, though they do have a certain charm. Most of the brawlers and action games just lack proper controls (not to mention sloppy visuals). The Streets of Rage franchise (with the exception of the first one) is ok but overall still seems lacking. The platformers with the exception of the sonic games are a waste you can find better games very easily on XBOX Live Arcade. The puzzle games are fun but there are so few of them in comparison to the rest of the content that they hardly make the title a winner. The biggest Bright spot is the RPG games there are some excellent ones in there including the Shining Force games(excellent series). Overall though unless you are a real fan of old games or have never played them most of these are not worth the time. Sega Would be far better served by making GOOD new versions of the older games or developing some new IP's then just shoveling the same old stuff our way at the very least re-tool the old games with updated graphics, controls and features. Basically everything contained in here can be found elsewhere in better form just not for the same price. The best thing offered here is nostalgia.

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