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Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection


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Also on:PS3
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Shun Nakamura Interview

Sonic the Hedgehog: Obtain a chaos emerald

Takao Miyoshi Interview

Phantasy Star IV: Play Phantasy Star IV

Tohru Yoshida Interview

Phantasy Star II: Play Phantasy Star II


DeCap Attack: Collect five bonus coins

Akira Nishino Interview

Ristar: Collect five yellow stars

Kazunari Tsukamoto Interview

Phantasy Star III: Play Phantasy Star III

Kazuo Wakihara Interview

Columns: Get 20,000 points only on easy mode

Makoto Uchida Interview

Golden Axe: Collect twenty magic power-ups

Reiko Kodama Interview

Alex Kidd: Collect 1,000 in currency

Congo Bongo

Streets of Rage: Complete the first level as all three characters

Fantasy Zone

Flicky: Collect 80,000 points

Golden Axe Warrior

Golden Axe III: Use magic ten times

Phantasy Star

Sonic 2: Defeat the first boss with two players

Shinobi Arcade

Shinobi III: Complete the first level without using continues

Space Harrier

Super Thunder Blade: Score over 1,500,000 points in the first level

Alien Syndrome

Alien Storm: Reach mission three without losing a life

Altered Beast Arcade

Altered Beast: Collect 100,000 points or higher by the end of the first level