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GF Rating


Game was nothing to write home about

posted by devildog03 (VINITA, OK) Jul 4, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

I should have known better than to buy this game when 4 days after its release it was at game stop for 20.00. The realism is good. I served in the Marines and trained with many snipers and looking through the scope was a friendly reminder but that is all it has going for it. I have not played it in multiplayer yet so I can not comment on that aspect. If you want to see what it is like looking through a sniper scope this game is alot more realistic than MW2 but if you are wanting to have hours of fun pick another game. This game will just tick you off.

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Could be better

posted by Sandstorm (OWINGS MILLS, MD) Jul 3, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

Problem 1. Unrealistic... There is no way posible without specialized military anti-sniper training is someone shooting you at 460m with an AK47 from the hip. I seriously dobt drug cartel malitia have that trainging. 2.The charictor can swim but can't get on dry ground from the water.. How's that? In mission if you try to get on the dock down stream to get to the evac point, its not happening. The came has a design flaw in that sense. At least call of duty, if its on the game, no matter the route, its accessable. The designers could have done alot better with this game. I had for a day and its going back.
One word: disapponted!

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Don't waste your time- Pathetic

posted by rrman30 (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Jul 3, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

This game is one of the worse I've played in a while. Alot of visual glitches, only B+ graphics to begin with. Small variety of weapons. Enemies can spot you from across the map through foliage and shoot at you, while you have no clue where they are even at. The "fire direction" reticule shows where the fire is coming from, but there is nobody there. Must be magic bullets coming through buildings and rocks. When enemies do shoot at you, they look like they are shooting off in another direction completely away from you. Game has very little actual "stealth", as said above, the enemies have no trouble seeing you even if you are a 100 yards away, prone in tall grass. Supposed to be realistic...on the first mission I took the target out an watched him fall. Then the spotter says you missed and you have to chase down a vehicle on foot after repelling down a cliff right in front of 25 enemies. Where's the realism in that?

On a plus side, the ballistics seem to work fine. Accurate shots are heavily dependent on player skill of range and bullet drop estimation. I played in Hard mode to make shots with no help and was impressed when not being frustrated by the flaws. Hope they patch this game soon, or it'll be a complete loss.

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