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Sniper: Ghost Warrior


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SNIPER ghost warrior

posted by IcHiGhOsT (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Jul 6, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

SNIPER ghost warrior is an amazing game for sniping. I have played other games that involve snipers and this one is the best so far in my opinion. With most games today the graphics are pretty dang good but it seems that that gave up some of the graphics for a better and longer story mode. Also when get a headshot the bullet moves in slow motion and as it gets closer to your target it speeds up im pretty sure that any body who wants to snipe this is your game. i love gamefly its great for renting games.

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My Review of Sniper: GW

posted by Snake14088 (FAIRBORN, OH) Jul 5, 2010

Member since Dec 2004

This game isn't the worst game i've ever played but not the best, this is not a game for anyone who is use to pointing and firing, you have to be patient and study your Hud while using the scope, wind factors in as well as heart beat in this game and the bullet will get dragged down over certain distances. some of the character animations and cut scene's are a bit laugh-able at times, but the game isn't entirely sniping, at certain points you take control of a Delta Squad, a nice change of pace from sneaking and sniping to assaulting, the AI is a bit messed up as in one mission i took down an enemie with a throwing knife silently and the other enemies in the level became alerted, even though i killed him out of sight. there are some missions which require you to sneak through a enemy camp are almost impossible, i won't lie that at one point i was getting pretty mad because of how many times i had to repeat a level because i was caught sneaking.

So overall

i give it a 5

Side note: ( atleast it wasn't Two worlds bad. )

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Sniper: Ghost Warrior

posted by SumJwshkid (NASHVILLE, TN) Jul 4, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

There are pro's and con's to every game. In some games, the pro's and con's will outweigh each other, resulting in a very good or very bad game. Sniper: Ghost Warrior is the type of game where, in my mind, the con's outweigh the pro's. The pro's include: extreme realism in making the shot itself. For me, this has been a real pet peeve of mine in many games, such as MW2, where you just put the cross hair on the target and pull the trigger, without making any adjustments for wind, temperature, distance, etc. This game requires you to pay attention to prevailing conditions to make a successful shot. There are other, small, insignificant pro's, but they don't make a huge difference.
the con's are many, too many. Somehow, when you're hiding in the bushes, the opposing forces can see you and shoot at you, while you're left wondering where they are. In the real world, this situation seems highly unlikely to unfold. The graphics are worse than the original Halo. absolutely terrible graphics. Another con to the game is what you are found doing 95% of the time: walking! just in the first level, you probably walk a good two miles, just getting to where you get to do something you've wanted to do the entire time: shoot someone! This is a military shooter on the Xbox360, not WiiFit. It takes away from a lot of the entertainment value of the game.
Sadly, this game turned out to be a disappointment. The potential this game had was incredible. In MW2, half the people who play that game snipe. This game could have had a huge community, but sadly, due to some negligence in the development, it turned out to be another game with only one installation doomed to the "used" bin at some game store.

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