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Good game if you can get past its flaws

posted by TheJanitor (HUBERT, NC) Jul 2, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

295 out of 319 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

When I first saw the trailer and read some of the previews for the game I instantly wanted to play it. Finally a game with some realisim when it comes to sniping. I was excited to stealthfully move my way through a jungle to set up and take that one perfect shot, but much to my dissapointment, nearly every shot i have made has been within 200 yards. I have found quite a few problems with the game like especially with the enviroment. Moving through the levels becomes troublesome at times especially when you cannot crawl over a two inch branch and are forced to stand or crouch to move over it. There are times where the enemy can see you through like 10 feet of bushes and is shooting you and you cannot see them. Sometimes the enemy will look like he is shooting off into nothing but the rounds are coming right at you. The game is also very difficult. Instead of the regenerating health like in COD MW, you use health packs to heal which is good and bad. Bad when you have no health packs but good because at times you must make a decision whether or not to risk hunting them down. Overall i was a little let down by the graphics and the "stealth engine". The shadow detail is very poor compared to same gen games and like i said, the enemy somehow always sees you no matter how well you think you are hidden. But all that aside I actually really like this game a lot. If you can get past its flaws and not try to compare it to an "arcade" shooter like COD where you can just run and gun this game is actually a lot of fun. You do have to really take your time and plan out when to take shots to try and stay hidden. Sniping is amazing in this game. It does take all the factors into account such as travel time, wind, and distance. I have found though that wind does not play so much a role unless taking a shot longer than 200+ yards which is accurate. But all in all if you give it a chance and dont mind restarting from checkpoints and a few flaws this is a good game.

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Sniper:Ghost Warrior

posted by Buckwheat (OWINGS, MD) Aug 2, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

110 out of 119 gamers (92%) found this review helpful

This game was a big disappointment to me. When I put this on my Q about a month ago, I was drawn to the marketing. They said it was going to be one of the most realistic sniping games of all time. I was hoping for a lot more.

1. Sometimes, during sniper shots, the camera will follow the bullet in Slow-Mo to the enemy's head.
2.There won't be a sequel.

1. Your opponents must be from the future. Sneaking is not optional in the game. It won't matter if your standing, ducking, or even in prone, enemies will see you as if you had a sun on your head. Enemies will see you through walls, foliage, and trees, even during the night. Sometimes, you will pull off a kill, silently and quietly. As you walk off, you will see that you were wrong. Enemies will be looking around with their guns unholstered. And when they do spot you, they can nail you from 500+ yards, with an assault rifle.
2. This game is supposed about sniping right? Wrong. Some missions you will be another character, different from the marksman. They put you in combat head-on with your teammates. And not to mention, your teammates are about as worthless as the game itself! They stand out of cover, wasting ammo on a enemy 300+ yards away. These missions were a struggle to me, and I was playing on Normal.
3. If you were expecting a extensive weapon arsenal, think again. There are ONLY 2 SNIPER RIFLES. 2. That's it for a game based off sniping. There are also 2 Assault Rifles, 1 Shotgun, and 1 Non-Tradeable Pistol. If I were a developer, I would have at least made a customazation menu, to upgrade your sniper rifle. Then having only 2 snipers would be fine to me.
4. Don't get me started on the shadows.....
5. The Wind Factor and Yardage Factor do not count in this game. Instead of you registering the factors, the give you a red dot when you zoom in with your sniper rifle. All you must do is make sure that dot is on his head.

After playing that game, I felt it was my duty to make sure you won't play it.

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just didnt get into this game

posted by frostmare (INTERLAKEN, NY) Sep 3, 2012

Member since Feb 2010

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all i can say is after the first 10 minutes of the game i lost interest, this game is no sniper game at all. enemies can see you through the grass and even when i cover. eh just shut it off and send it back out. its a dull game. enough said

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