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Sniper Elite


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Also on:Xbox, PS2
GF Rating

289 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Sniper Elite
Control Stick
Move. Strafe.
Control Pad
Up = Cycle Inventory Items. Left/Right = Lean Out (In Scope View Only). Cycle Wepons. Down = Cycle Inventory Items. Swap Weapons. Escort Character (Hold).
A Button
Empty Lung (In Scope View Mode Only)
B Button
Fire Weapon
1 Button
Intel. Breifing.
2 Button
Pause Menu
- Button
+ Button
Use Inventory Item
Aim. Move Camera.
C Button
Change Posture. Go Prone (Hold).
Z Button
Sniper Mode
Sniper Scope Zoom
Search Corpse
Pick Up Corpse
Drop Corpse
Throw Grenade, TNT, Time Bomb, or Rock
Fire Panzershrek
Aim using Wii Remote, hold down the A Button, move Wii Remote upside down onto your shoulder and press B Button.
Plant TNT, Time Bomb, or Tripwire Grenades
Hold Wii Remote vertically and stab in a downwards direction. For tripwire grenades repeat this process to plant the stake.