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Also on:Xbox, PS2
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Very Good at Aggravating Players

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Dec 30, 2010

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Sniper Elite is a shooting game where you play as a sniper on missions to stop the Russians from stealing nuclear plans during World War II. But it will frustrate many players.
The first obstacle will be actually getting into the flow of the game. In the start of the first of ten missions, several information texts pop into view with no warning, stopping the game cold until the player presses the A button to proceed. It’s really annoying - just when I line up the perfect shot, the game stops and I have to read a bunch of text.
Anyone getting past that will get into those semi open missions where you have to move very carefully as not to be seen by anyone else out there, then you gather information or kill certain guys on the other side.
But it asks for a whole lot of patience from the player - you have to slowly move from one place to the next and meticulously search every cubic inch for enemy soldiers and eliminate them without being seen.
I can’t stress enough just how careful you have to be. It’s far too easy to miss a enemy soldier (or two or three) and get shot at by him - even when that soldier is a long distance away so you have little clue as to where he is.
And it doesn’t help that the way to pick items to use (gun, med-kit, rock, TNT, and so on) is confusing, that the game only has two save slots per profile, that you can only save your game a set number of times during a mission or that your guy can die from as little as two hits.
These shortcomings take almost all the fun out of Sniper Elite. It’s a game only for those looking for a very challenging stealth/shooting game. SKIP IT.

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Sniper Elite

posted by deadgame (CHICO, TX) Mar 26, 2011

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Sniper elite is a awesome game for any gamer! It is a stratigic game and you have to be well good at well patience. Any way you should rent this game or buy if you ask me!!

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Sniper Elite? Not!

posted by firebird3525 (DURANT, OK) Jul 18, 2011

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IVE PLAYED A LOT OF GAMES IN MY LIFE BUT THIS ONE ABSOLUTELY SUCKED! The graphics are lousy, the sounds are pathetic, and the "realism" of the game considering this was supposed to have taken place during the Eastern Front of World War 2 is grossly understated. Do yourself a favor and find something else because this is not worth it. I had this game in my house a day and half before I sent it back.

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