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Sniper Elite

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posted by icapture (CARLSBAD, CA) Jul 24, 2006

Member since May 2006

im not a huge fan of this game. i wish they would come out with a game that was set in current time. i would like to shoot with some new sniper rifles. i give this game a 5.

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Pretty Good.

posted by nova0629 (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jul 4, 2006

Member since Oct 2005

Sniper Elite is Rebellion's try at creating a (somewhat) realistic action game, set at the end of WWII. This is a pretty good try; the game engine is great, allowing you to control actually HOW realistic the experience will be. The in-game physics engine and enemy AI have to be the game's saving graces, as they are very well-done. Variables such as wind, heart rate and ballistic drop (the amount of distance that the bullet will drop due to gravitation) are coupled with some of the best AI I've seen-When you take a shot and any enemy hears it, he will COMMUNICATE with his fellows, set up search patterns, try to flank you and suppress you with fire from various angles. There are ways to overcome being detected (for example, masking the sound of your shot with the sounds of incoming artillery fire, or using your silenced pistol). Saving the game is both a good and bad thing, as Sniper Elite allows you to save anywhere, but only allows for a small number of saves per level (Resident Evil anyone?). The graphics engine is sub-par with other games of the current generation, which is a big knock against this game, but overall, it is worth a look. Check it out!

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simple awesome

posted by ibeatu (LYNDHURST, NJ) Jun 30, 2006

Member since Jun 2006

this game is the single most realistic sniper sims iv ever seen in my life. it is so realistic, adjusting for wind and height and breath control are key. you cant just run around and blow some ones brain out, if you want to learn to be a great sniper, or already are one like me, gamefreak360 on xbox live this game is a great choice. = )

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