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The Best Console Sniping Game, Period.

posted by Nirvash (CANON CITY, CO) Apr 9, 2007

Member since Mar 2007

16 out of 16 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

Now, I know that's probably not saying much, I think it may be the ONLY sniping game on a console, but don't let that detract from how you view the 'Best' rating. This game is awesome. The 'sniping engine,' (I guess?) is awesome.
I rented this game after having already bought a Xbox 360 and was still very impressed. This game is one that really cares about sniping. I mean, REALLY cares. It cares so much, that it will make you wait before it gives you the thrill of the perfect covert kill. (I rhymed!) Not forever, mind you, but a few minutes. Still, for a videogame, this feels like forever. But when the the time comes... Hold breath... steady...


Ahhhh... 300 yards. left eye. Beautiful. (Now I've just gotta get out of here before that guy's escort security force is all over me. I'm a sniper, not the Master Chief...) That's what it's all about, boys and girls. This game MAKES you fight that way. You CAN'T stand your ground against 8 guys with machine guns. It's up to you to plan ahead, pick your battles, maneuver, and take down the enemy on YOUR terms. Covertly, and from long range. Stand up and run, you die. stay low, use cover, move stealthily, you win. Simple. I'm truly grateful that such a game was ever made. Not only is it good in regards to itself, but it will make a better sniper out of you for other games, as well. After all, a good sniper is... a good sniper. You'll become proficient in things like the effective use of cover and camouflage, surveying the area before moving, choosing a high ground that ISN'T also EXPOSED ground, using sounds of battle to cover the sound of your shot, when and where to relocate effectively after your kills, etc. (You know, SNIPER stuff.)
Now, there IS a blemish. This is kind of a niche game, and as such, there isn't a huge number of people who play it. The result of this is that it's kind of hard to find online matches. That's this game's only setback. So, help fix that problem and RENT IT! I give it a 9 out of 10.

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Very Good

Very pleasantly surprised

posted by joelhart (OCALA, FL) May 26, 2006

Member since Apr 2006

19 out of 21 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

I must admit, I wondered how a sniping game would work in the age of run-and-gun shooters, but this is a great game. As one reviewer said, if you don't have patience and would rather charge down a hallway, blasting away with a machine gun, don't bother playing this game. But if, like me, you play shooters like combat really is (non-Rambo-esque), you'll enjoy this game. I didn't make it to the most difficult levels, and don't think I even want to try them. You have to adjust for bullet drop, wind, your target's movement. You have to find a spot with a commanding view and carefully scan the landscape, planning your next move. There's plenty of opportunity for run-and-gun shooting, but the sniping is excellent. And when you score a head-shot, and the slow-mo bullet tracking video kicks in...that looks awesome. But I think my favorite aspect of the game is its length. Everytime I thought it was over, there was another mission to go on. It was very nice to see a game that looks good and plays good also play long.

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GF Rating

Above Average

More Like: Sniper Above-Average

posted by LFoxGamer (SIOUX FALLS, SD) Apr 20, 2006

Member since Jun 2005

39 out of 45 gamers (87%) found this review helpful

Sniper: A skilled military shooter detailed to spot and pick off enemy soldiers from a concealed place.
They often sit in that particular concealed place for long periods of time, waiting for that perfect moment where they can take their target flawlessly.
That thrill of that particular kind of kill is something lots of gamers have experienced to a lesser degree in games like Halo, but not many games try to bring a faithful recreation of what sniping is really like.
Sniper Elite certainly isn't the first, but it's one of the best and only console games to try. Unfortunately the game isn't without it's problems, one of them being that it requires an insane level of patience and trial and error, something most gamers are not willing to give.
There are other things that might turn the casual gamer off of this game as well. The graphics are not exactly outstanding. In fact, I think there could be less draw distance; this is, after all, a sniping game. Walking and running feels a little more like skating than it should, and some of the other controls just aren't as responsive as they could be. There's almost no actual cover in the game, making difficult to tell where is the best place to hide, and even the stealth meter (much like Splinter Cell has) doesn't work very well. The levels are long and difficult, and there's no mid-point saving which means you could be returning to the same challenging level over and over again, too.
So what does this game have that warrants a six out of ten? The thrill of the kill. Sitting 175 yards out for ten minutes waiting for somebody to walk by doesn't seem like much fun until he stops in your sights. You exhale, steady your aim, and fire. The slow motion replay shows chunks of skull flying through the air and your adversary falls to the ground dead. You can even shoot through walls.
So is it worth purchase? Maybe, maybe not. Depends on how much patience you have, I suppose. But should you rent it? Oh yeah. :)

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