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GF Rating


It's ok.

posted by Undeadwarri0r (CHATSWORTH, GA) Jul 9, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Good game. Has a cool feature when you snipe someone, it slows down time and shows where the bullet hits the target. Didn't finish it because I didn't enjoy it THAT much but I did get through most of it.

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GF Rating


Need a patch but great if you feel like sniping

posted by mrmo45 (SELAH, WA) Jun 29, 2012

Member since May 2012

First I would like to say this game is the most realistic sniping game on the market.And is extremley entertaining.I mean slow-mo X-ray bullet cam + you can ricochet bullet's and hit target's It also make's it challenging on the harder difficulties because of wind speed try picturing hitting a target running full speed east while the wind is blowing hard to the southwest + bullet drop.That being said it get's difficult.Now I did'nt get to finish the campaign mode but from what I played was good.the story dos'nt really draw you in with the main character describing his mission in the loading screen + some random cut scenes in the mission you will most likely be focused on gameplay.Now for multi this somewhat disappointed me being no competitive modes strictly co-op based with the following modes:overwatch where one person is on the ground spotting targets and completing objectives and another in a sniper's best providing sniper support then theirs kill tally which is like the extremely over used formula of zombies,survival,firefight ect.Wich my big pet peeve with that mode is you can't fill up on tripwires and land mines only ammo grenades and dynamite which is hardly used so when you do you load-out at the loading screen I suggest three tripwires and 1 grenade make them LAST.And finally their is bombing run where you collect six or seven parts for a tank scatterd throughout the level while encountering patrols which got frustrating be because the way to reach them is very straight and narrow wich is a problem with the game as a whole not very much flexibility as far as mobility.The man problem i had with this game was the glitches and cover system sometimes you will be in cover and find yourself getting shot through it like it wasn't there GRRR lol led to some unexpected deaths.also for enemy's they would shoot me through walls like the wall wasn't there and that really sucked if it was a sniper course you can't shoot through walls.All in all decent game.7/10 enjoy

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GF Rating


Sniper Outdated!

posted by armoredhawk (SMITHS GROVE, KY) Jun 21, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

Everything about this game is outdated. If your a graphics fan, your not gonna like this. As far as gameplay goes, the sniper cam is about the coolest thing in the whole game. All other weapons really feel like they was threw in there. Multiplayer just consists of a dull horde mode. If this game came out like 3 years ago, it would be cool. But with todays technology its just sub-par.

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