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Very Good

if your tired of the basic shooter

posted by solidbro70 (CHICAGO, IL) Sep 5, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

headshots galore long campain stealth kills and booby traps give it a try

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GF Rating


Sniper Elite

posted by Unchained0688 (WATERFORD, MI) Sep 4, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

Overall, the game was good and it was nice to see a good WWII shooter lately. The controls were basic and easy to understand. Weapon selection was not very good even for sniper rifles which is all you need except a pistol. In addition to the other weapons, they are pretty useless during the game. You may need the Thompson or other machine gun if they rush you, but that was not to big of a problem. Setting traps and effective sniping will due just fine. Some of the AI would just run back and fourth trying to get an angle on me or something in some places but was not a huge issue. The story was good but little dialogue only in the narration pretty much since you are by yourself the whole game. It would of been nice if the incorporated spotters or just contact with other American forces at least in some parts of the game while playing because it is ridiculous that one man can storm through German and soviet controlled parts of Germany doing as he pleased. The achievements are pretty easy to get with most of them in the campaign. I got about 700 points on the first play thorough on the hardest difficulty. It is a good play so i would recommend at least playing it if you like WWII shooters or just getting easy gamer points.

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GF Rating


Not bad, considerin the retail value

posted by radiorice (OMAHA, NE) Sep 4, 2012

Member since May 2005

Game was not bad. It did a decent blend of true vs. combat (by that I mean run and gun close combat style). There were a few glitches in the game such as enemy soldiers being caught in walls and your man character moving literally through debris. Aside from that and the somewhat annoying kill camera the game felt I needed to see everytime I made a kill shot on a target over 30 ft, it was not a bad game. Definitely a gamefly rental and not a buy as the replay value didn't seem great. I however never played the online features so i cannot rate or review that portion.

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