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Succeeds in the right places

posted by starfish75 (SPARTANBURG, SC) Sep 7, 2012

Member since Sep 2012

Overall, to be completely honest, this game wasn't really that good. When it comes to sneaking around and being stealthy, this game barely sneaked by (no pun intended). Although you are given a silenced pistol to take enemies out with, aiming for the enemy is difficult, and knowing whether or not the enemy is there is nearly impossible at times no matter how tactful you are. There are certain areas where you can't see the enemy or draw them out with your equipment no matter what you do. However, If you are spotted by the enemy, its not impossible to take them with your pistol and prevent the alert. But when the enemy IS on alert, and you are not at a vantage point where you can snipe (which happens more so than not), it takes a while to take out the enemy. Also, you get a pistol and sub machine gun as your weapons. However, the sub machine gun is very inaccurate unless you are at close range, while the enemy can hit you from over a hundred yards away with an MP40 or PPSH. Also, the checkpoints are ridiculous. There are missions where you fight, and fight, and fight, until you finally finish off one squad of the enemy, now you move onto the next one, and fight them for a long time. Finally you get to the final unit before you get to a checkpoint, and you don't make it. Now you have to start ALL over again, which gets very frustrating.

But there is a positive side, because when it comes to WWII sniping, this game excels! Sniping is very realistic, and satisfying. Although the wind and gravity aspects of sniping can be difficult at times, the features of getting a kill make a kill more satisfying and fun. Often when you get a kill, there will be a slow motion bullet cam that shows you where your bullet hit for the kill. Also, you have the ability to use sniper tactics that include planting mines, scanning the area with binoculars (which really helps) and planning out your attack before you shoot.

Expect great sniping fun, but not much more beyond tha

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Sniper Great

posted by bigbadbear (BESSEMER, AL) Sep 7, 2012

Member since Aug 2007

Hey i play a lot of first person shooters and this is just plain fun. The graphics are cool not great but bullet path is AWSOME. Hey if ya like shooting and ya like thinking then play this game and buy it and have some fun !

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The best low budget game this year.

posted by racoonsurvivor (HIGH RIDGE, MO) Sep 5, 2012

Member since May 2011

This is a low budget game, acknowledge that before reading any further.
This game has some of the coolest mechanics that i have seen in a while. The first and most apparent is that depending on the height and distance of the target you will have to compensate in the scope, (they do not do wind or drag but if you hold your breath they will put a red diamond where your bullet will go. Then you fire the gun and if it is a good shot they will bullet time follow it all the way to the target. Then if it a really good shot they will mortal kombat style x ray through the person showing all of the damage that it is doing. After the kill it self you will get points that go to leader boards so you can see how you stack up with other snipers. There is also a noise system where if something loud enough occurs it will mask the sound of your shot letting you get away with it. Lastly there is collectables and multiplayer that adds for the time you will spend in the game.
This game graphically is not pretty, it looks early gen at best. Also they give this game a very heavy stealth feel without pollishing the stealth mechanics very well. (at one point another sniper I was watching turned around and instantly started shooting at me from over 100 meters, I couldn't see him without a scope.) Fighting with your side arm is sloppy at best, and voice acting and story telling are abysmal. That said if you play it like any other cover based shooter you can have a lot of fun with this game.
If this game had been picked up by a publisher with more money to throw at it I think it could have been a 9 or 10 rated game, however with the funds it had they did a solid job. Everyone who is a fan of WW2 or snipers should at least give this game a try.

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