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Good game but...

posted by emptseven (OAK GROVE, KY) Jul 14, 2012

Member since Jul 2012

Great at first. Then you notice your footsteps are a lot louder than they shoud be, as well as your reloads. There's parts in the game where they see you and they shouldn't. As well as see and shoot you when you can't. A piece of wood is too strong for a bullet??? Its a sniper game for sure. Dont get me wrong I enjoy the heck out of it. But... they should have done testing longer and it seems like the rushed the heck out of the game. An update to fix the enemy seeing you when they shouldn't issue, shooting through wood issue, sound issue would be really nice. My rate is only because I think they put out the game before it was 90% ready. Still... I can't stop playing :)

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Cool animations elevate this decent shooter

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Jul 11, 2012

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Member since Dec 2008

"Sniper Elite V2" is for the most part your typical, WW2-set shooter. The story is bare-bones but serviceable, the voice acting competent, and the cut scenes are kept to a minimum but are decently done. What lifts this shooter up from just being routine are the cool animations you're rewarded with after you pull off an excellent shot. Make a terrific shot and you're treated to a slow-motion tracking of the bullet to its target, where you're then treated with an X-ray view of your victim, where you watch the bullet pulverize bone and organs and even its exit from the target. Depending on the difficulty level you choose, the shots can range anywhere from easy to very difficult to pull off. The reward is always worth the time to line up that perfect shot, and throughout the solo campaign's 7 hours or so the kill animations never get old. Points are awarded accordingly, increasing your ranking on the leaderboard which you can view online. In addition to dispatching your human foes in slo-mo, vehicles can also be taken out in a fiery blaze of glory by targeting a point on the gas tank, which is conveniently marked by a small red circle. The marking is small enough to require you to line up the shot, which can be tricky when you're under fire. Enemy AI varies from being on the stupid side to being preternaturally accurate and aware of your location. This inconsistency carries over to the damage both you and your foes can take. Sometimes enemies are bullet sponges, at others, a shot to the leg or the arm puts them down. Your path from objective to objective is mostly linear, with the illusion that you have options, only to be stopped by an invisible wall. Checkpoints are mostly placed well, but there are a few that force replaying larger sections if you die. There is multiplayer and co-op offered, but I played single player only. The campaign's fairly fun to play, though it's the kill animations that are more likely to spur you to finish than the story. Worth a rent.

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Just plain out good Sniping fun with a little more

posted by ptrac (HICKSVILLE, NY) Jul 9, 2012

Member since Oct 2011

There are so many things about this game that are not great. The controls are similar to Gears of War 1, in that the cover based shooting just isn't fleshed out and is flat out clunky at times. The graphics and visuals are along the lines of games from about 4 years ago. Not as bad as the previous gen, but certainly not "Elite". But beyond that, the gameplay is just flat out fun. The Sniping feels great, no matter how many times you do it. The Mortal Kombat-esque internal view of bullet damage never gets old. It also offers some situations where strategy and setting traps plays a nice role. This game is similar to Brothers In Arms without the co-op. Its a somewhat glorified shooting gallery with a basic storyline and just pure fun game play. In a world of short attention span Military shooters, its nice to have a game that gets back to some classic Military game play like Brothers in Arms or Medal of Honor (when it was good). If your looking for some good hunkering down and strategic shooting this game will deliver. if you're looking for another game like MW3 or BATTLEFIELD. Look elsewhere. Recommended!

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