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GF Rating

Above Average

Needs a patch

posted by SoulDragons (ANDERSON, SC) Jul 29, 2012

Member since Sep 2011

This game has good deep playing time, but half the time when I put mines and trip wires the enemy would walk right over them and not detonate the bombs. I also am very good at sniping and shooting in these games and direct hits would either not show the bullet penetration or show a kill. Come on get hit 9 times and enemy still doesn't die? Most were three or four, but when multiple enemies are approaching and I fire off a shot and cut scene shows it going through the leg and labels a kill, but I fire multiple shots to torso or head and he still moving? I played to the library mission and got fed up.

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GF Rating


Im sure it's a great game....

posted by vinniehnk (CALDWELL, ID) Jul 15, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This game just wasnt for me. When I am playing a game i expect that more often than not there will be some form of action going on. This game, i felt, started a bit too slow and while constantly shooting people through the head SEEMS like it would be fun, I grew tired of it fairly quickly. That said, if you enjoy this kind of game I still stand behind it. The controls are easy to use, the graphics are pretty clean, and overall the environments are well done. Though again, just be ready for the slow pace to potentially drive you insane.

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GF Rating

Above Average

This Game Is Good But Has Massive Flaws!!

posted by chimptor (SHREVEPORT, LA) Jul 14, 2012

Member since Apr 2010

Sniper Elite V2: This is one of those games with tons of potential that does it's best to just make you mad. I have a feeling this is some sick experiment designed to measure a humans frustration level while trying to have fun. The enemy A.I. Is super human with the ability to not only move with inhuman speed but also able to shoot from insane angles and hit you no matter where you are. The maddening level I'm on now is I have a guy I was supposed to kill but now I have to rescue, and believe me that wasn't easy. We're in a building on the second floor. I have an open perch to shoot from with good protection because I'm up two stories and surrounded by wood and concrete and then the Russians arrive, about 20 of them, and their super fast jack rabbits with the ability to shoot with 99% accuracy all the while being able to shoot you from 60 yards away at a 40 degree angle through concrete and wood with a machine gun!!!!! The other problem is when you shoot the enemy he can take a shot! Ive shot an enemy 4 times with this sniper rifle, and nothing. This is a big mistake. And as a sniper game, my favorite thing to do in gaming (See any Splinter Cell game to see how it's done right), it's more Gun and run than perch and snipe. The graphics are nice as is the sound, but the amount of times I've died because I've had ten guys come at me from all directions or being able to shoot perfectly and through solid features makes this game a rent, DO NO BUY THIS IT WILL MAKE YOU MAD!!! JMHO

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