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GF Rating


Pretty Good

posted by Pandabear1 (BEVERLY HILLS, FL) Sep 29, 2012

Member since Jul 2008

This Game has you going for the next couple of missions, then it starts to get boring. All you do is shot Kraught's and Soviets in the head or chest area and complete to the next area. You get Trip mines and land mines, but like I said it gets boring. There are no cars you can use and mounted machine guns you can through certain levels. As you Progress through levels you earn new guns which is nice. If you didn't this would've gotten a much lower score. Sometimes the characters get stuck or you can just walk by them which is really taking the overall gameplay out, but whatever. Overall Gameplay 7.0 Graphics 7.5 Story 6.0 so Overall A 7 rating.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Just plain fun

posted by mstanleydc (WICHITA, KS) Sep 21, 2012

Member since May 2011

A good mix up from the run & gun tactics of Call of Duty. I found myself using the map, planning attack routes, and formulating a strategy before I took a single step in any level. That is what I found fun about this. If I was going to a sniping position I could put trip wires to cover my back. You could put them at multiple doors to make sure you could focus on the targets instead of watching your back.

X-ray killcams are amazing. They never got old for me.

Bullet ballistics were great. Accounting for bullet-drop, etc was very cool and realistic. The only thing I didn't like was sometimes you would have to account for a cross-wind but there were no indicators telling you which direction. I don't need an exact wind gauge, but flags blowing in a direction, etc. would've helped.

All in all a very fun game. Good length with the campaign but not long enough that it got tedious. Looking forward to the sequel that they hint at as well :)

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GF Rating

Very Good

A real sniper.

posted by sheashea32 (ARDMORE, TN) Sep 16, 2012

Member since Jun 2012

This is a game for those hungering for a real sniper experience. Realistic Ai and accurate bullet balistics makes for an impressive experience as a covert ops sniper in world war 2. A decent story, much a kin to old espionage war movies, as well as exciting levels give the game a good experience overall.The realistic damage affects on targets gives a gruesomely fun thing to see. On easy, you have a cakewalk while you become the rambo of snipers. On hard, you sneak inch by inch while taking pride in being able to land a headshot on a target only 50ft away, and struggle for longer shots batteling gravity and wind. You also have the option of customizing the difficulty, so have realistic shooting and dumb enemies, or easy shooting and horrendous enemies. The trophies/achievements come at a reasonable difficulty while not making you pull out your hair. Online allows for challenges and co-op within this battlefront of 1945 Berlin as either rogue shooters or as a proper sniper team. The only drawbacks to the game are the linear level design, which not only being kinda basic,also forces you into shootouts on most levels. As opposed to sneaking around or using a tactical decision.All and all a pretty good game. Definitely rent, maybe buy.

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