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horrible a waste of time

posted by justdavid13 (BROOKLYN, NY) Nov 23, 2014

Member since Nov 2012

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I would never rent this again.
game fly has to send out the games you want not what they want

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Semi-Pro Sniper

posted by Thanatos522 (DENNIS PORT, MA) Jul 25, 2014

Member since Feb 2011

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The first thing that struck me was how short the game was. I understood it was an arcade-like shooter and expected the whole game to be cut up the way it was (into sniping missions duh), but a total of eight missions was pretty weak even for a time kill rental.

I was actually impressed with the games initial presentation, about the first two missions. The first is a tutorial so there are really only 7 missions. And after about mission 4, although landscapes change, there are no new gameplay elements introduced. So the subsequent missions really feel like repetitious arcade fodder.

The most disappointing thing besides the somewhat expected monotonous gameplay, is that all of the unlocks don't amount to a tin of beans. The game starts you with a silenced pistol and there is no better side arm the comes after in the whole game, not even a better silenced pistol. And the sniper rifle selection consists of 4 different rifles, which boils down to two semi two bolt and there is obviously one better than the other so I count two guns.

The story feels like total tripe. It's all tripe and just a game to play since it is the only thing new as of release.

Its like a sandwich that you don't mind eating but you've had a hundred times before. Like eating tuna fish and pbjs.
You'll eat it, it satiates your hunger, but you weren't really interested and you knew exactly what was coming. Then after you eating it you don't feel great about it because you thought you grew out of cheap-easy.
Like this cheap-easy game that your twelve year-old self would have gobbled up.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Finally, a sniper game worth buying!

posted by Shadowstacker7 (DUNDALK, MD) Jul 1, 2014

Member since Jan 2014

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Sniper elite 3 takes you into Africa where the German forces are beating the Allies you are a superiore sniper sent on covert missions to kill officers and grab intel while completing optional objectives the game lets you chose what you want to take with you on your missions and while the environments are unforgiving and brutal you must adapt to eliminate the enemies while you always can go guns blazing the game encourages you to use stealth and precision with the available recources arm traps and lure enemies to your position while taking out others with your rifle also as you play you get expierience to level up and unlock new weapons and gear there are a total of 8 single player or co op missions to complete as you please and unlike sniper elite v2 this one is more open so you can complete objectives in any order and if you eat caught you can relocate yourself and make it so your in control of the situation however while this game is great it does have its flaws like if your going stealth the camera angle can be a problem and your only suppressed weapon sucks finally the X-ray kill cam is back and better than ever now showing veins and tissue being ripped apart as your bullet passes through the body overall an 8/10 worth a but if your a fan of the franchise if your new just rent it

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