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GF Rating


this game is pretty bad

posted by gatorchron (LAS VEGAS, NV) Aug 22, 2014

Member since Oct 2012

I was so excited to get this game but it was so disappointing was let down the game aiming was pretty bad if you have a perfect shot do not kill the enemy it only kill the enemy it wants to. Also don't like this game it do not have checkpoints or save the game if you die you have to start level beginning it save in the end of the game I don't think it's worth renting and buy. Also the multiplayer it slow I don't think it's worth a time I got this game in today am going to send back tomorrow.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Stay Away from the PS3 Version!!!

posted by Purgatori (AURORA, CO) Aug 21, 2014

Member since Oct 2010

I have no idea what happened, or what the devs were thinking, but this game is awful! It's like they didn't even try. I personally loved V2, it is one of my favorite games, so I was extremely excited when 3 was announced. I couldn't even finish it 3 because the bugs were so bad the game became unplayable. Insane clipping issues when I'm shooting at the enemy, I am aiming dead on and my bullets aren't counting. Another issue, the enemy being able to see me through walls half way across the map, I was crouching the entire time by the way. The enemies on the other side of the map being able to hear me, even when I'm crouching, thus alerting every darn enemy in the mission.... Oh and here's a real kicker, the bullet cam is completely glitched and broken. I did not get one, NOT ONE, X-ray cam the entire time I was playing, with the exception of the opening scene at the very beginning. I even changed my settings to high and I still could not get one. I hope the PS4 version is better for you gamers who have the new system already, because the PS3 version looks, and plays, like some lazy, buggy port over. I am beyond disappointed!

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bad & good

posted by Michaelalfy3 (MANHATTAN BEACH, CA) Aug 17, 2014

Member since Mar 2013

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Bad- red hit marker goes crazy better off not using it.
THE WORST THING IS how the bullet cam only follows the first enemy you shot NOT THE SAME BULLET CAM like sniper elite V2, so if u line up 2-3 enemies for one shot you only get to see the 1st guy get killed. plus the vehicle kill cams were GONE too it was just the same cut scene no matter where u placed the mine or dynamite. so by doing that u end up taking out all of the replay value that V2 had.
good big open environment, health packs are new and cool ads to the immersion, the cover system was smooth doesn't stick like V2, the free flowing camera and the weapon wheel was nice though it took away the shoulder aim being used by it's own button making u hold the trigger half cocked to shoulder aim with the rifle which made it way harder plus they never tell u how to aim over the shoulder with the rifle even with options menu I had to find out on my own they need a tutorial and the weapon wheel would have better been brought up by the d-pad. Still fun for a rent not a buy, your better off with V2 its more realistic plus u can see the bullet break down as it goes through all of the guys u shot with the bullet cam and the real vehicle explosions make for a better game still cool as helll if you haven't played V2 1st.

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