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Not the best, but still a Solid game

posted by tenaciousdk86 (NEW YORK, NY) Mar 14, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

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Just read Mattr25's review and I'm not sure what game he's playing but it doesn't sound like the same one I am. I agree that the audio and visuals aren't the best out there, but they're not terrible. As to the little red dot he talked about, you get that on the easy and medium difficulties but not the hard (which I'm playing on and actually gives you a pretty authentic sense of sniping). Now yes, in real life if a sniper is taking one shot they will adjust the elevation and windage on their scopes according to the conditions, but when quickly taking multiple shots at varying distances and windages (affects of wind change depending on your direction) you have to physically adjust your aim, which is how this game works. The red dot shows where the round will strike in relation to your point of aim (the center of the crosshairs on your scope) I.e. if its a long range shot and wind is blowing from the left your round will impact down and to the right. The longer the shot and stronger the wind, the more adjustments necessary. Pretty realistic and rather easy with the red dot. Try it on the hard setting with no help. I agree that sometimes I was annoyed by the lack of directions while on a mission, but if you pay close attention your allies often tell you verbally what needs to be done and it actually makes you search like a real sniper would have to using your binoculars or scope. As to the crosshairs moving on you, there is a HUGE difference in scope sway between standing, knelt, and prone and yes you do have the ability to hold your breathe for shots (though the effectiveness varies depending on you current heart rate). realistic. Controls are fine and the only time you don't have the ability to move is when you set up overwatch with the .50 cal. Again, realistic. I do wish you had the ability to pick up enemy weapons as sometimes more firepower than your suppressed .45 would be useful, but I guess the developers intended on stealth being the games main objective.

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posted by spartanz27 (BAKERSFIELD, CA) Mar 14, 2013

Member since Jul 2010

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honestly i wasnt very impressed with this game. played on medium beat the campaign in like 5 hrs tops? maybe less. i dont know. campaign was too short, generic story, multiplayer isnt done well. 2 maps one gametype. the graphics on the rifles were done well i think but everything else seemed shotty. the voice acting was lack luster. 90% of the time i couldnt tell the main character apart from the spotter. if you are extremely absolutely bored you can rent it.

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Horribly unfinished

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Mar 14, 2013

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This game is not worth the time to rent, definitely don't buy. Even if you live to do sniper games, don't touch this.

Audio because this is the most important thing after the graphics. Everything in the game except playing the game is loud. I had my TV set for the standard sound level of any games, and wanted to turn it down. At least until I get into the actual game. In the game itself, it was quiet. Very odd thing and points to the developer did not give the designers enough time to actually finish the game.

Graphically the game is alright, trees look like trees and so forth.

Control, well control is where the game actually sinks itself. Now think about this, a sniper always braces their rifle, takes a deep beath and holds to fire. In this game you don't. Take a knee and the rifle wiggles all over, standing and the rifle wiggles all over, there is no difference.

At the easiest level and perhaps higher you get a handy indicator of where the bullet will go. This handy little indicator is small and looks exactly like the center of the scope, yet it's not the center of the scope so you never adjust for wind and distance. Something a sniper always does.

So moving on to the actual controls, they are pretty darn bad. After the fact the rifle always wiggles on you you are given control of your character, but sometimes they just move you to where you need to be. Which brings a question up, why? I mean why not either, give no movement control and actually make the rest work, or not take away control.

Not that it really matters, the rest of the control is basic and doesn't really make a difference anyway. Toss in the simple fact if you don't do it right and they shoot back, which is almost immediately, you can't tell where they are shooting you from. You and another sniper walk up to a camp and stay there to shoot. Stupid, and moronic apply.

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