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Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2


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Gameplay Controls

Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2


Please refer to the in-game Tutorial Mode to learn and perfect your skills.

Smash Point: By pressing the X, Circle, Triangle or the Square button at just the right time while your player is standing on the Smash Point mark, you can hit a smash. If you stand squarely on the spot from which a smash can be hit, the mark will change color from white to yellow.

NOTE: A running shot is a shot hit while moving and it can be used to return balls that seem to be just out of your reach. When volleying with a running shot, it will become a diving volley, but skill is needed to pull this move off effectively.

Directional Buttons Move player/Aim ball at specific part of court
X Button Slice
Triangle Button Lob. Triangle + Up = Topspin Lob/Super Topspin Lob. Triangle + Down = Drop Shot/Super Drop Shot.
Square Button Flat Shot
Circle Button Topspin
R2 Button Display Replay
R1 Button + X/Circle/Triangle/Square = Running Shot
Start Button Pause