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Sly Cooper and The Thievius Racoonus


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Easy treasure

If you see an out of place hook you can swing on; swing on it with your cane.


By getting the fourth page of the Thievius Racoonus and in the Perilous Ascent level, get all 25 Bottles. You can now become invisible while moving slowly.

High Class Height Level Shortcut

On The High CLass Height Level, in Tide Of Terror, when trying to get the master thief sprint, get a lucky charm, by collecting coins, and in the librabry after you go down the elevator and pass throught the booby trapped-floor, and of courese kill the first guard, on the book shelf sideways before you go on to killing the second guard, there is a book \"stack\" next to it, try to climb on to that, and then jump on top of the book case, and then on top of the column at the end of it, turn around careuflly(so you dont fall) and you will see the lamps, jump on the first one then take a couple steps back and jump to the other one, you will find your self at the last part of the level, avoid the search lights and roll throught the booby trap,you will get darted, and will hopefully fly foward, but if you do it right you will be on the end of the master thief sprint with a bunch of time left, may take more than 1 try. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Special Moves

Hit \'X,O,X\' to do a rolling body glitch, \'X,O,X,O\' to do a froggy hop. Much bigger than a double jump. Also, as youre using keys, as soon as the key starts to turn, hit triangle . You should now be walking around with a key in one hand and your staff in the other.