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Very Good

Another great sly cooper title... but,

posted by thegamerkirbies (BATH, ME) Jun 18, 2013

Member since May 2013

Was it worth it?

sly cooper and the gang come out of retirement after a few years, this time with a new development team calling the shots

you can tell they have a lot of connection with the old development team sucker punch, but the direction in story goes kind of south

years after the events of sly 3, sly must give up his charade of amnesia to carmalita, and go back in time with his pals to save the cooper lineage and the thievius raccoonus

however without spoiling the plot of sly 4 they do some ret-con of the previous story that i would have rather been left alone

dispite the story being changed up, the game feels a lot like old sly games, they even got the same voice actors for sly bently and murry and got a much better voice actress for carmelita fox, the game overworld is a little less connected and the load times between levels can be kinda lengthy, but nothing unbearible

a lot of the chapters and chapter boss's seem like rehashing of old worlds and bosses of past games, but if it ain't broke why fix it? they do a decent enough job making things interesting while making it feel the same as the old games

the completion for this game is a bit annoying, I'm one to tend to ignore trophy lists until after i finish a game, but this is one of those games that punishes you for doing so, there is a particularly annoying achievement that has nothing to do with spoilers or the story, and if you aren't working towards this achievement from the start you will have to near replay the whole game to try to complete it

the collectables are quite challenging to collect and win through mini games, but not impossible, i managed to platinum this game in only about 4-5 days thorough searching without a guide(for the most part, world 3 is particularly evil to navigate)

i reccomend this game to any sly veteran, 8/10, could be better if they had gone in a new direction instead of messing with existing canon, but still very fun and worth playing

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Sly steals the show

posted by trex6504 (HAZLE TOWNSHIP, PA) May 15, 2013

Member since Jan 2011

I had recently received this game and was very excited to start playing this game because I am a big fan of the orginal 3 sly games. I was a little nervous that this game was going to disappoint because it was made by a different company then the orginal 3. To my suprise this game looked and played better then the first 3. The orginal voices are back for the characters as well as some new characters such as slys ancestors. The graphics are beautifully done with japan and other worlds looking as if you were at the places during the time period. The controls are simple to use, move with the control stick jump with the x button and attack or pickpocket with the circle button. The storyline is very engaging and fun with sly traveling through time to rescue his ancestors and restore the theives raccounas. I would highly recommend this game to sly cooper fans or fans of action adventure games. I would hope that there will be more sly cooper games to come.

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Definitely A Sly Cooper Game But...

posted by ilawson94 (EAST BETHANY, NY) May 13, 2013

Member since Nov 2012

Let me say off the bat that this is a good game and Sanzaru games did a good job of reviving the franchise and keeping it true to the subject material. The levels in general feel like a Sly Cooper game (albeit with a more graphically intense engine that took some getting used to), and the good guy characters are all interesting and fun. I really only have 2 complaints about the game overall.

1. The Villains are Rather Weak

Now when I say weak I do not mean it as in that they are easy to beat (although one or two of them are). I say weak in the aspect of they just aren't as interesting or enjoyable as villains in the franchise have been in the past. They just don't have the presence that the other villains did in previous installments. Draw from that what you will considering they are all anthropomorphic animals, but if you look at the back-stories of previous villain as opposed to these, they could have been better. I did enjoy one villain about mid-way through the game but that's about it.

2. The Story Arc's Payoff Leaves Things to be Desired

The writing was on the wall since the ending of Sly 3 that there was going to be a game like this. For the large majority of the story and game, they do it very well. The only problem comes at the ending level/ cinematic. I won't spoil it for you (because i'm not that kind of gamer) but I will let slip that whatever wasn't predictable left something to be desired.

All said, this is most definitely a Sly Cooper game. It stays true to the subject matter and gameplay formula to the largest extent and I recommend it for both veterans and old fans. I just have a particular attachment to this series as it was one of the first games I ever got for the PS2 and I have seen everything develop in it throughout the rather impressive run. I just feel they changed some stuff that didn't need to be changed.

I think if I had to rank the four games in the series this one would probably be tied with the first one for second f

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