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Sly 4: Cooper Family Reunion

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Apr 1, 2013

Member since Mar 2006

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After a long absence, Sly Cooper is back. Even though it's coming to the end of the console cycle, this is the first new Sly game on the PS3. It shares many similarities to the PS2 trilogy, particularly the latter ones, but adds something new... time travel!
Yes, for reasons that mostly amount to plot devices, Bentley converts Murray's van into a time machine so Sly can save his ancestors and restore the missing chapters of the Thievius Raccoonus. There's also a new villain who wants to steal all the Cooper's canes, although I'm still a little foggy on the logic behind that.
It's really just subtext so Sly can visit feudal Japan, the Wild West and the Middle Ages. There are five levels in total, each with an ancestor you can play with unique abilities. The rather large levels feature plenty of collectibles and a good variety of missions, all put together like a heist movie. As Sly progresses, he gets some costumes that allow him to access new areas, so revisiting previous levels is a must.
Now while the Sly games have always had a stealth element to them, this isn't SplinterCell. In fact, as long as you aren't in the direct eyeline or spotlight of your opponent, you can pretty much avoid them without incident. This is primarily a platformer, which is good because it's an underused genre these days. And Sly has always made solid platformers. I should say that this game is definitely easier than the first three games, but delivers on the platforming fun.
While it features nice gameplay and plenty of content, the story is pretty weak and playing as the other characters seems more like a chore than actual fun. But the game's charm and sensibility outweigh it's flaws to create a worthwhile installment in a great game series.

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Very Good

Surprisingly Fun Game

posted by h20man (VALENCIA, CA) Jun 5, 2013

Member since Aug 2011

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At the beginning of this game I wasn't too impressed with the quality of the graphics, but after watching and helping my son play it for a ridiculous amount of time the sheer size and scope of this world and its challenges put me in awe. I'm not sure how far we managed to get, so I'm sure we'll rent it again soon to continue to explore it. Very impressed!!

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Extreme Nostalgia!

posted by LordOops (HUTCHINSON, KS) May 23, 2013

Member since May 2013

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The release of this game made my head spin. The original Sly trilogy were my all-time favorite games. I was worried that the game would be too different, since the original developers, Sucker Punch, gave the series to Sanzaru. Turns out I was worried for nothing, the game was as awesome as the previous three, and then some.

Basically, in this game words have been disappearing from the Thevius Raccoonus, the source of Sly's knowledge of thievery. Sly comes out of his "retirement" in order to travel through time using the time machine invented by childhood friend, Bentley, and the van of another friend, Murray. Throughout the game, the three will travel through many different time periods. One such period is Feudal Japan, where Sly's ancestor Rioichi Cooper exists as a master sushi chef and master ninja.

And you will meet and play as even more Cooper ancestors throughout the game. Sounds awesome, right?

Well, there is a few bad parts about the game. The gameplay can get very repetitive, which is always bad. Also, all but one Cooper ancestor operate by the same skeleton as Sly (meaning that they will move and attack the exact same way as Sly), although each has their own stealth slam and power attack. Still, maybe if Rioichi had faster attack combos and was naturally more nimble (being a ninja, and all), the game may have been much more fun.

But still, the few flaws are nothing compared to the classic third-person, action-adventure gameplay you will be experiencing. I completely recommend this game to anyone who likes stealth, talking animals, slapstick humor, and time-travel.

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