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Very Good

Great Game. Worth trying.

posted by TexasAudioKing (TYLER, TX) Feb 5, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

This is a fun game in which you as an undercover cop walk the fine line between criminal and cop. I absolutely love the plot. It has lots of great cut scenes that tie everything together perfectly. I also like the progression system in order to learn new fighting moves, advance your cop and triad rating, etc. I don't like the fact that guns don't come around until later in the game or that they disappear after the mission is over. It should be more like grand theft auto in that once you have a gun it's there until you either run out of ammo or get killed/arrested. Also I was left with an unsatisfied ending. It seemed like right at the end you were about to go on this big manhunt only to be left watching a cut scene followed by the game credits. Also once the main storyline is up it seems like there's not much left to do.

All in all It is a very good game. Great for a week or so of play for the casual gamer. I'm glad I have game-fly though so I can send it back now that I'm done with it.

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by JetpackDinosaur (ORLANDO, FL) Feb 4, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

Sleeping Dogs is good; it's not great and it's not terrible. I'd call it middle-of-the-road but I think it's just about above-average, but since it's in the same arena as the GTA, Just Cause and Saints Row titles, Sleeping Dogs leaves a lot to be desired.

The core "combat" gameplay rarely revolves around guns; instead, it's all about fist-fighting. It's neat and switches up the formula enough, but you're not exactly wall-running and spinning-bird kicking your way around Hong Kong. When guns are finally introduced, they're very bare-bones and there isn't a whole lot of variety to them. There's a light cover system that can be frustrating at times, which is a good segway for the multitude of bugs glitching up the gameplay. As soon as Sleeping Dogs makes you feel like cool, it devolves Wei Shen (your character) into clumsily sidestepping in front of moving vehicles, running in unwanted directions and losing your sense of direction.

Free-running is a big part of the game, and while it sure is neat, it's not Assassin's Creed. There are points where Shen could easily climb some obstacle but since it's not specifically part of a free-running segment, he's stranded. Most gripes like these are minor but they add up: you'll accidentally assault a taxi driver instead of hiring one, you'll completely miss targets with the one-hit KO melee-weapon-throwing and you'll likely spend a few more seconds than should be allowed to activate a collectible or action because Shen simply isn't in the exactly perfect spot.

It's got a great story and it's intriguing to learn Shen's character arc, even if some of the supporting characters are two-dimensional and dismissed as readily as they're introduced. Unfortunately, the game is also ugly; character models are barren and blocky at times, with most of the environments following suit (although the water is very nice).

+Fun fist-fighting
+Good plot
-Low-standard graphics
-Lame characters
-Melee gets old


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GF Rating


This Game is AMAZING!!!

posted by Qproctor (DOLTON, IL) Feb 2, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

It is the perfect game to get you ready for Grand Theft auto 5. I say that because it combines the grand theft auto elements with a mixture of some true crime in china. It keeps you interested throughout the entire story line. I just thought it should've been alot longer than what it was.

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