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Sleeping Dogs was a Sleeping Hit

posted by Fobmuska (TUSTIN, CA) Apr 21, 2013

Member since Feb 2013

In an industry over saturated with open world sandbox titles and GTA clones, Sleeping Dogs rises among the sheep and becomes the wolf.

This is a little gem that should not be left out of your collection. Everything from the ridiculous Action Hijack escapes to the slow motion head shots while leaping over cover, to the emotional roller coaster of a story. This game has it all.

Is he a Cop? Is he a member of the Triads? You will have to find out while entering the 36th chambers of Shaolin and dishing some of the best Martial Arts combat since Arkham City...Oh don't worry UFC meatheads there is still ground and pound, grapple and toss your unfortunate opponent into an ice chipper to satisfy you.

Hand to hand not your thing? then blast your way through the opposition while in slow motion while splitting your opponents head open with a well placed shot to the face. Oh and there's knives, bats, and a Fish to beat down your opponents if guns aren't your thing.

Is your Vehicle/Motorcycle beat up and about to explode? NO NEED to get out of the car! Hijack another car while driving! Yes folks that's right, Jump out of your car and hijack a car in front of you like a Hollywood summer movie. Add a perk and now you can shoot mid air while leaping to another car while hijacking it!

Ah but all games have some flaws. The fast pace, hollywood action seems to be too much for the 360 to handle and thus don't render environments fast enough causing a delay during highspeed chases. Larger weapons cannot be concealed forbidding the user to access vendors, garages, and other NPC services until the weapon is removed.

Give this game a Queue, you won't be disappointed.

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Wish I had a chance

posted by Gcole742 (SEATTLE, WA) Apr 21, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

I wish that I would be able to give a good or even a pore review of the game! It seems that whoever had it before I, screwed it up to where it cannot be played. It freezes my NEW 360 as well as my friends 360. So, thanks to the previous renter... I never got a chance to play the game.

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posted by sportsoldier99 (COPPERAS COVE, TX) Apr 20, 2013

Member since Jun 2011

This game was great !! Loved the free realm and the gray story line. The game is a lot like GTA in my opinion. I loved it so much I kept it for almost a month. It's hard to be bored of the game TBH. Loved it

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